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Part 3: Momma Trump Maryanne Trump Astrology

A few weeks ago, we examined the composite charts of Donald Trump with his ex-wives. Currently, we are going to examine the composite chart between Donald and his mother, Maryanne. 

Again, a composite chart is a mathematical calculation of both charts combined which will serve as the relationship chart.

A composite chart as a standalone tool for relationship analysis is not enough. The inter-aspects between both charts takes priority. The composite chart will bring out many details that are contained in each natal chart. Since we are focusing on just this specific relationship, I will gloss over them and save them for another. time. 

Composite Chart Aspects between Donald and his mother

1) Cancer on House 7:  The 7th house in any composite describes the nature of the relationship.  The relationship is an emotional one. We then need to look at the ruler (the Moon.) It is in Aquarius. This relationship is emotionally cool, detached, aloof, and more intellectual than emotional. 

2) Pluto in the 7th house can bring emotional power play.  Where Pluto is in the chart, challenges regarding matters beyond one’s control will be present.  It is also where the deepest transformation will be felt.  Clearly,  these 2 will transform each other,  however, this can lead to being overwhelmed by the relationship.  Someone in this combination keeps secrets from the other. Trust is a najor issue.

3) )Moon quincunx Pluto –Emotionally out of control. Emotional detachment results in low nurturance.  This aspect can bring trust problems and the inability to be available for each other emotionally.  In some cases, there can be shaming for experiencing feelings.

4) Difficulties with communication T square: Moon-Mercury-Neptune:  Obstacles in the communication of emotions, ideas, wishes, and nurturance.  This relationship may either have miscommunication, abusive communication, or limited communication.  There is a lack of hearing and understanding each other.  Jumping to conclusions and judging facts before collecting evidence can be typical behavior.

Inter-aspects and composite charts can be done for any relationship, including siblings, business partners, children, and client-vendor.  The beauty of having additional birth information is to magnify the details in a person’s chart.

Before analyzing Maryanne’s chart, I had a sense that Donald’s relationship with her was problematic.  When I factor in her planets, the precise details either confirm or add more detail.

In looking at the root of Donald’s emotional life, we can get a better picture of the “how” and “why” he formed into the person he is today. Articles are floating on the web from Psychologists that attempted figuring out his character.  Though I cannot comment on their expertise as it is outside of my bounds, I can only comment based on the planetary aspects.  However, both sciences nicely confirm each other.

Without healing or recovery, growing up with Donald’s turbulent childhood can result in emotional problems brought into every relationship.  Worse, they can be passed from to the next generation.

Many turn to the New Age, Metaphysics, Psychics, and other programs to find a way to understand their essence and improve their potentials.

Often many only want to know about the future.  However, this neglects to understand how one arrived at the current destination.  Without correction, there is the only repetition of the same mistakes in the future.

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