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Remote Viewing


Remote viewing is a type of psychic ability that involves using extrasensory perception (ESP) to gather information about a distant or unseen target, object, or location. Remote viewing is believed to allow a person to perceive information about a remote target through means other than their five senses, such as sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Remote viewing is often used in the context of espionage, military, and law enforcement applications to gather intelligence or locate targets. However, it is also practiced by some individuals and groups for personal or spiritual purposes, such as exploring the nature of consciousness and the universe.

The practice of remote viewing typically involves a trained practitioner or viewer who enters into a state of relaxed focus and uses various techniques to access information about a remote target. This information can be in the form of sensory impressions, images, feelings, or words. The viewer then reports their findings to the person or organization that requested the remote viewing session.

There are certain techniques and aids that some practitioners may use to enhance their ability to perceive information about remote targets. Here are some common tools and techniques that are used in remote viewing:

Sketchpad and pen/pencil: Some remote viewers use a sketchpad and pen/pencil to quickly draw images or impressions that come to them during the viewing session.

Blind target feedback: In order to verify the accuracy of their perceptions, remote viewers may use blind target feedback. This involves having someone else select a target at random and provide feedback on the target after the remote viewer has provided their impressions.

Meditation: Many remote viewers use meditation to enter into a relaxed, focused state of mind that is conducive to perceiving information about remote targets.

Coordinate remote viewing: This involves using a set of random numbers or coordinates to identify the target for the remote viewing session. The viewer is given only the coordinates and must use their psychic ability to perceive information about the target associated with those coordinates.

Associative remote viewing: In this technique, the viewer is given a cue or keyword that is associated with the target. They then use their psychic ability to perceive information about the target based on that association.

It’s important to note that while these tools and techniques can be helpful in remote viewing, they are not necessary for the practice and not all remote viewers use them. The most important aspect of remote viewing is the viewer’s ability to access their psychic ability and focus their attention on the target.