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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Harvey Weinstein Astrology Timing -Incrimination – Part 5

Harvey WeinsteinIn the case of Harvey Weinstein, a time of birth was never made available. So I proceeded through the method of rectifying his chart. That demanded going through a list of past occurrences in his life. So, in other words, it’s operating backward to estimate a probable time of birth. That allows the astrologer to push onwards.

A significant turning point in Weinstein’s life was transitioning from poverty. So for a career break would signify a change in status and power in achievement. That would be around the ages of 21-28 when natal Pluto was triggered in the MIdheaven.

Other events that would be considered significant would be a marriage. I also got a little fancy. I also looked up the planets of his current, former wife. It made sense that the time of birth I calculated for Weinstein ties in with the recent former wife’s planets. The other factors I considered were a prior marriage, divorce, and surely the birth of 5 children.

In moving forward, the current transit of Pluto is making 3 simultaneous aspects. It will be a substantial period for the next 18 months. Yes, he has an extreme likelihood of imprisonment. Transits alone in his chart will not denote imprisonment. Secondary Progressions also must be factored in. They override the transits. The first significant progression is the arrival of a new Midheaven changing signs. When there is a change in sign a planet or angle receives, it is like a new life ahead as the energies shift — this very universal for all charts. I look for a change in signs, aspects, house position, and direction in comparison to the natal chart.

The transits are pretty heavy for Weinstein. In mid-August, the transits of Pluto to Neptune, the Ascendant, and Jupiter leave the square aspects. So the best opportunity for a plea bargain could be offered between August through December 2018; however, once the 1st of December comes around, the transits from Pluto resume again and continue to go back and forth thru most of 2019.

Now, when the 7-year cycles of the Doebereiner are applied, yes, imprisonment looks very likely because the trigger is to Saturn in the 12th house: The house of sorrows and detention.

If Weinstein were my client, I would suggest accepting the plea bargain because that is the best it is looking in the immediate period. However, in seeing that he has an active Pluto (control), it seems very unlikely that he may accept it. I do not see him as a free man. Also, more new women and scenarios will continue becoming public.

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