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Psychic Readings

There are many techniques used to forecast future events.  When it comes to forecasting, many want to have dates of when events will happen.  These events include: “When will I marry?” “When have career take off?” “When buy property?” “When will finances change for the better?” “When will I have a child? ” and more. Psychic Readings usually carry these types of questions too.

The hour of birth is crucial in my forecasting techniques to obtain that information.  This may sound technical. In a reading, I avoid any technical lingo because I believe that is more appropriate for a class whereas a client’s time should be prioritized with information and answers to questions. Sure, I’m glad to provide it if asked, however, I reserve it by request in efforts to maximize the most of the time spent together.

Month to month, year to year, cycle to cycle all have their own timing and purpose.  The most important cycles are the ones that last a few months and years.  The goal is to define what will happen, the purpose of the cycle, the best way to handle the cycle, and the dates of the cycle in terms of personal growth, finances, relationships, career, and more.

No 2 people are alike.  There are cycles that may begin for a person that may last for the next 40 years and stay that way for what could be interpreted as a life span.  There are cycles that may end after being in effect for over 20 years.  This is where the glory of having careful char analysis makes a big difference. 

Interestingly, I have even observed cycles that would normally last for 3 years last for 18 months for other individuals.  These are very rare instances.  However, everyone is born under a unique wavelength of energy based on their location of birth, hour and date of birth.  In such instances, those cycles that kicked out super fast acted like a super metabolism.  For such individual, the cycle was identical to a person that would experience it for a longer duration, yet the difference was that it cycled out faster.  That has a pro and a con. A super bright and expansive financial cycle may last shorter. Yet the longer that cycle the more abundance can be accumulate.  However, the reverse holds true in terms of the less amount of frustration with certain obstacles and vice/versa.

For those that enjoy the technical astrological specifications:  I look at the natal chart, transits, progressions, solar arcs and use German Munich Rhythms.  I prioritize outer planet transits, and secondary progressions.  I especially zoom in on quincunxes, secondary progressed moon.  I also factor in if there is a planet going or leaving retrograde position.  The list goes on and on. 

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