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Happiness is a Choice


No one pledged life would be strawberries and cream. Only those who are no longer breathing, have no worries. For those of us still among the living, each day may include a particular amount of battle. One thing is sure you will not find happiness in the visions of another.

The reason for that is simple; another person does not know what makes you happy. They know what makes them happy. They can imagine what makes you happy, but only your soul truly knows how to make you happy. So how do we find happiness?

So the first step to finding happiness is to get to know yourself, your ins and outs, your loves, and your fears. 

Our fears are a part of us. A problem with a lot of people is they don’t want to look at the dark aspects of who they are. But those aspects are as much a part of you as the positive ones. 

When we understand ourselves, why we favor one thing and fear another, it gives us clarity and wisdom. Most of the time people avoid situations because of fear, “I don’t want to open my heart, because what if I am rejected” This is contamination. It does not work.

To get to the next phase of joy, you must first release the chains of fear that are holding you captive. 

I remember once I was in Shabbat and a boy came up to the Bina and said “Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery today is a gift which is why we call it the ‘Present’ that stuck with me. Joy lives in the present. Fear lives in the past, and worries live in the future.

Worry is one of the most useless emotions. It serves no purpose; it only throws your chakras off balance and drains you of the vital energy that you need. Most of the time, we are worried about things that are the size of a pea. We make them larger than what they are, until all we see is the GIANT problem and rather than stepping back so we can see the solution standing right in front of us. We stare at the BIG Problem. This is unhealthy.

Let’s explore how to find that joy and explore it together.

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