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Planets Gone Wild Part 2 – Declinations


Declinations reveal many hidden gems. Common aspects such as conjunction, opposition, trine, square, etc are the longitude aspects.  

There are various sets of aspects that get undermined understood as declinations. When planets are close to each the orb of 1 degree 12 minutes either north or south is in Declination. Parallel declinations exist when 2 planets are on the same side within the orb and reside either both north and south. When this happens, the point is like a conjunction. Contra-Parallel declinations exist when 2 planets are in the same orb however, one planet is north and the other is south and considered as an opposition. 

There are instances when 2 planets in a chart may not have a longitude aspect, but they share a declination aspect. This creates an important emphasis. For example, I know someone that was born with Mercury Parallel the Ascendant. Longitude aspect-wise, he doesn’t have an aspect between Mercury and the Ascendant. He is known for his voice on the radio as an announcer. That Mercury acts like Mercury conjunct the Ascendant. 

 When 2 planets share a longitude aspect and a declination, it emphasizes the aspect. Other times, a minor longitude aspect between 2 planets is formed; if it is either Parallel or Contra-parallel, it will make that minor aspect a major player.  


Madonna’s declination of Venus and Pluto is Parallel to the MC in her chart. Who was described as the most powerful woman in this world?  This aspect also describes her worldwide iconic and sex symbol status.  

Venus/Pluto aspects demonstrate seduction, sex appeal, topics around sex, religion, and psychology. Pluto/MC will bring a person into power. Venus/MC is an artist with strong creative energy. At first glimpse into her chart, we a Venus /MC sextile is present. Though sextiles are opportunity aspects, they aren’t the strongest. However, when factoring in declinations, the Parallel between those 2 points makes that sextile aspect as powerful as a conjunction.  

Cher is another example. She has Venus/Pluto/Ascendant all Parallel. This makes her a powerful creative force with Iconic status. Viewing her chart with only longitude aspects, this is very difficult to detect. However, once we examine these aspects, it becomes evident. Another chart with this setup is Mariah Carey.    

Declinations are also used in several forecasting tools (transits, progressions, return charts) in predictive work.  Transiting and progressed declinations add additional details into upcoming events.  Also, using declinations in relationship analysis gives more dimensions to compatibility analysis. 

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