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Prediction Nailed Again- Rhianna Billionaire Forbes

Our reader,  Albert ext 3030, nailed it once again for the umpteenth time. 3 years ago, in the video, Albert shared singer, Rhianna’s upcoming lingering success in the cosmetic industry. Check out the time stamp 28-35 minutes. Forbes announced this week, Rhianna just entered Billionaire status. 

This isn’t the first time a “nailed it” email is sent. It’s our pattern! Albert has forecasted accurately in front of all of us in this newsletter:   Johnny Depp Court Success Lincoln College Cyber attack Presidential Election 2020 Covid Vaccines Harvey Weinstein Verdict & Timing Madonna Health/Surgery Rob Ford Scandal, and health decline, and more. 

Albert is known for publicly forecasting in 1993 on his Call in TV show, Chartalk, the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center 2001. Everyone was shocked 8 years later.  

How many networks have this track record? Let us know! Remember, if our readers can forecast this level of accuracy on global and public figures accurately, imagine what they can do for you regarding your love and career forecast. This is why we test read every Psychic staffed on our network. 

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