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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury RX
Mercury Retrograde

Retrograde Mercury starts positively as Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the sky.  This will bring peaceful communications, harmony, and enjoyment.   

6/3-6/8 – Caution!

Mercury squares Neptune transit twists supposing which clouds and hazes communication. Focus can lack accurateness and misunderstanding. The overzealous minds conflict with reasoning and logical processes of thought resulting in self-deception and the formation of the individual version of accuracy. This raises complexity and indecision. 

Mercury rules all communication.  Neptune rules illusion.  These 2 planets are in their ruling signs.  When they come together, it can lead to fabrication.  Since these 2 planets are in mutable signs, seeing a goal or idea to completion lacks stability.  Mutable signs may over multi-task to the point of becoming scattered.

Forgetting duties, ideas, and responsibilities are common.  Miscommunication is heightened with these 2 planets in aspect.

Telephones and electronics are ruled by Mercury. However, with aspects to Neptune, Mercury based items are likely to break completely, disappear, or develop permanent damage.

Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity to handle unfinished business. However, it is not recommended to start new projects. Contracts and agreements need to be carefully analyzed before signing.

Under Mercury retrograde expect your electronic devices to crash. So making a backup is vital. Travel delays and traffic jams are normal.

Below are some DO’s and DON’T’s:


1. Review all documents before signing carefully.

2. Add tracking and insurance to important mail and/or packages as Mercury has rulership with the post office and other mail couriers.

3. Give yourself extra time for appointments and travel.

4. Focus on the prefix, re: renew, review, revamp, redecorate, etc

5. Reunions with old friends and loved one go great however be prepared for delays.

6. Expect to have contact with people from your past

7. Run antivirus software on your computer and other electronic devices.


1. Make new purchases especially car, technical equipment, telephone equipment and/or electronic equipment.

2. Sign contracts or make an oral agreement without a careful scrutiny. Wait until Mercury turns direct . Yet waiting for the shadow to be completed gone will be better.

3. Make long term commitments

4. Turn in unchecked work.

5. Make a mass mailing hit the post office. Save your stamp expense until Mercury goes direct. Though electronic mass mailings do not cost, it would be better if it can be postponed until Mercury turns direct.

6) Make software updates.

Finally, expect for some funky turn in events. Usually lost luggage is retrieved on a retrograde Mercury. I have heard stories of airlines “suddenly” delivery a suitcase many years later to the rightful owner. Retrieving other that were once lost is common. Also, expect certain gadgets to start working after they stopped.

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