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Mars and Mercury Retrograde-Next few weeks

RetrogradeCurrently we are experiencing 2 retrogrades:  Mars and Mercury.

Steer away from major repairs on equipment (including cars.) A repair job on a Mars retrograde may result in needing another repair take place. After the retrograde has turned direct, the problem can be more understood.  Repair jobs include surgery.  Avoid surgery under this time frame if possible.

In general, you may notice that the level of enthusiasm and/or desire in starting or completing projects may be stagnant.  It is said that during a Mars retrograde, the sex drive may become dried up as one may lose desire for physical expression.

Since this Mars retrograde is in Aquarius, it impacts asserting plans for the big picture.  However, it can be a good time to reflect on the future.  In fact, one of the best ways to handle a Mars retrograde is to go review how much time you expend on projects and reassess the worth of your time.

I know a landlord that decided to have a few elevators repaired on a previous Mars retrograde.  2 2 months after Mars went direct, the elevator once again stopped working.  Sometimes, the ideas that can help get a project completely well executed aren’t available during a retrograde period.

Fortunately this cycle is for 80 days every 2 1/2 years.  On August 27th this retrograde will be completed.

After this weekend, there are some slight improvements as Mars will be changing signs.  It will be retrograding back into Capricorn.   The positive thing about this is that there is more organization and regulation in reviewing one’s time.

Also, currently, Mercury is retrograde.   Careful making any upgrades or changes to your equipment (computer, phone, electronics. ) As with any retrograde Mercury, it is not the time to sign a contract. It is a great time to re-inspect prior documents and books. This will be a great period to re-learn your equipment. Your mind is more receptive to learning or re-learning operations.

A Mercury retrograde, it is an excellent time to re-read, re-review literature.  It is also a classic time to communicate with people from the past including and/or people that you have lost communication ties.  I know someone that went thru 15 years worth of old business emails and organized them.  That is a constructive way of using these retrogrades to your advantage.   Fortunately, this Mercury retrograde is effect until August 19th.  Fortunately this is approximately 3 weeks.  Though this happens 3 times a year, when it is layered with a Mars retrograde, it certainly does increase stagnation.

Once both of these planets pass their shadow, the exact placement it turned retrograde, th effects of the retrograde are completely gone.  Though this could take up to a month after the above dates, there will improvements after both planets turn direct.

In general, this is not the time to look at new property, start a new job, start a new business plan etc.. Using this retrograde by going thru old records is ideal.

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