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Jada and Will Smith Detailed Love Compatibility Analysis

Several Astrological factors can define love compatibility between two people. The inter-aspects one chart makes to another person’s planets is the most significant. Another tool that defines the relationship is a Composite Chart. There are many strategies in this article in Jada and Will Smith Love Compatibility Analysis.

Prior to embarking relationship analysis with anyone, examine love potentials within each individual chart.   Please refer back to Jada Pinkett’s chart and Will Smith’s chart.  I briefly cover the top 6 inter-aspects between Will and Jada Smith.  Each of these aspects deserves a chapter.  This will be a watered-down rendition.  For the sake of brevity, many other aspects are not covered as it would become a book. 

Jada and Will Smith Aspects

Jada and Will Smith

Declinations are used to illuminate many hidden inter-aspects.  Jada’s Pluto contra-parallel Will’s Mercury:  This can present a problem when it comes to listening to understand instead of listening to respond.  Ideas are constantly opposed.  Cross examinations can become an interrogation.  Contrarian ideologies will lose sight of a goal as further obstacles bloom.  Communication conflicts usually lead to feeling drained, devalued, and unheard.

Jada’s Mars parallel Will’s Moon:  Whenever Mars is on another’s planet, it energizes the nature of that planet.  In this case, the Moon has to do with emotions.  Will’s Moon is in the 6th house the place of employment.  This relationship can feel like a day-to-day chore.  Sure, it has the passion of Mars, however, after a while, it becomes routine like a tedious chore.  Arguments flare up easily. 

Jada’s Ascendant Opposite Will’s Ascendant:  This is a classic relationship aspect.  The partner we want is reflective in our 7th house.   The partner whose Ascendant mirrors our 7th house projects our 7th house needs.  It is the first thing that jumps out about their personality.  Jada wants a mate that can communicate ideas and have a sense of higher purpose.  Whereas Will wants an understanding mate that is fun and will provide him with a creative outlet.  Often this is considered an instant connection.  

Jada’s Saturn conjunct Will’s Ascendant:  Some would view this as the worst aspect.  Yet, every relationship needs Saturn for the relationship to hold up.  Saturn will bring duty, responsibility, and commitment, and will crystallize a relationship.  Most lasting relationships have a strong Saturn conjunction.

Jada and Will Smith

Will’s Mars square Jada’s Neptune/Jupiter/Ascendant/Saturn T Square:  This natal T Square needs full understanding in Jada’s chart.  As stated prior, there are difficulties in getting past rigid idealized standards.  The mindset is covered with rose-colored glasses to the point it may magnify matters and jump to conclusions without having much of the facts.  Empathy skills require time.  Yet, the aspect
 Jada lacks planets in water signs.  Typically this has a difficult time understanding feelings/emotions (their own and others). Perhaps preferring to rationalize (Earth), intellectualize (Air), or energize (Fire) emotions/feelings; then truly feel them is a major theme in this chart.  Jada’s natal Moon is in Virgo which will rationalize and analyze feelings instead of experiencing them.  Yet, when emotions run deep, getting to the core of it may be a problem or confusing. 

So, when a planet by another person lands a configuration or aspect, it triggers it.  Depending on the nature of the planet at the activation point, will determine the type of activation.  Will’s Mars lands on this T square further energizing this instantly.  When arguments start, someone may give the silent treatment or go to war.  Aggression becomes destructive.  

Though this would traditionally be a sexually passionate aspect, if Saturn weren’t part of the equation, this could be an enjoyable sexual combination.   Saturn will remove the enjoyment.  Heated disagreements and judgment regarding decisions and values come into play. 

Since Will’s Mars is in Virgo, he may get overly critical, picky, and detailed regarding the things he doesn’t like instead of appreciating the things he likes.  This can get very confusing because Neptune may obscure reality with over idealism of what should be or what could be instead of what it truly is.  This searching for nirvana is an ongoing issue whereby nirvana is never reached. 

Will’s Jupiter/Pluto conjunct Jada’s Sun/Midheaven Conjunction:  Jupiter/Pluto combinations are powerful, wealthy, and successful.  This relationship is what kept Jada’s career going as Will can bring powerful clout her way.  This planetary combination is beyond successful and powerful, they are life altering.

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