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Vedic Astrology: Dasa’s

Similar to Firdaria, the Vedic Dasa (pronounced Dasha) system is a measure of a time period determined by the condition of the dominant planet in the natal Astrology chart.

The major focus in Vedic Astrology is Karmic.  Western Astrology is more psychologically driven.  I will cover more differences between the two systems at a later time.

There are differences between the periods in the Firdaria system and the Vedic Dasa time-period systems.  The Dasa system is exclusive to Vedic Astrology.

Firdaria may be used in either Western (Tropical) Astrology or Sidereal (Vedic) Astrology. Firdaria also relies on the natal interpretation. 

Johnny Depp’s chart was displayed; his Jupiter was activated via Firdaria. Via the Vedic Dasa’s, Jupiter is also activated. The differences are the signs’ placements and the aspects composed in the Sidereal system. Jupiter in the 9th house can bring fortune in legal matters. The sub-period Dasa Depp is on points to Venus.

The positions of the planets in the Vedic chart are usually 23 degrees less than the Tropical Western chart.  Note:  this is a rounded-off number.  Some may notice their Sun and/or other planets in earlier positions in Vedic Astrology.  In Depp’s Vedic chart, Venus remains in the same sign, but a few degrees earlier than in Western Chart.

One of the differences between Vedic and Western Astrology stands out.  In Eastern Astrology, the Western aspect of Venus square Saturn does not exist in Depp’s chart.  In other words, Depp’s Venus seems more inflicted in his Western chart.

Eastern Astrology uses the number of houses away from the planet in question.  One fascinating concept that doesn’t exist in Western Astrology is empty houses are aspected by planets.  Depp’s Eastern chart shows Saturn aspects to the 1st, 7th, 4th, and 10th house.  It doesn’t form an aspect to Venus.

In the Western System, aspects are calculated mathematically known as an orb.  Venus square Saturn in Deeps Western chart is a serious aspect.   Learning lessons and hardships in love will overwhelm Depp’s life especially from indulgent behavior.  This is an important aspect for an actor as 70% of actors have this aspect.  This aspect in the Western system applies more to Depp’s career Venus is on the Midheaven.  Artistic careers lend themselves to these types of aspects.  There are learning lessons in love for Depp as Saturn is in the partnership house.  The Venus sub period Depp is on in the Jupiter Dasa period, is about major gains (11th house.)

Firdaria’s and Dasa’s rarely have the same activation periods.  Depp’s prior Firdaria period was Saturn.  Learning lessons with the people he encounters personally and professionally, discipline, hard work, and focus are themes.  Such periods are career periods.   However, this would include the influence others have on him and the boundaries he sets. 

In the Dasa system, the prior period was Rahu (North Node).  Since the North Node is in the 12th house, influences of drugs and alcohol may become central themes in the connections he makes.  Any planet in the Eastern system influences the opposite house.   This also carries itself to the 6th house (work and co-workers.)  There were claims that Depp allegedly was under the influence while filming.  The Moon is conjunct to the South node (Ketu), so emotional responses and female influences require caution, especially with females in the workplace.

Dasa’s and Firdaria’s work equally.   I prefer factoring the Fidarias in other extensive forecasting tools as the rich details that surface show precise activation periods.   

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