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High Field Gardens Care Center Corrupt Owners Yocheved Schiffer

Sex – Drugs – Money Roll!

To All High Field Gardens Care Staff, Patients, et al.

One of the owners of your facility is corrupt. Yocheved Schiffer a/k/a Yocheved Bleier has stolen services from our business. She has used her husband, Samuel Shiffer’s, credit cards.

Interestingly, Yocheved’s father is Rabbi Robert Bleier.

These members of the Orthodox Jewish community have disgraced themselves and their community by stealing from our business. Yocheved admitted to her husband’s drug usage, usage of prostitutes, and money laundering in Switzerland, Israel, and other countries. These are where your hard earned dollars really go to!

We are enclosing all the links to the recordings to Yocheved’s services and links.