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Septar-Repurposed Solar Returns Part 2


Septars are an excellent tool for forecasting relationships and careers. It has a distinctive form for timing upcoming predictions. Last time, we explained the different ages that correspond to a specific Septar. That specific Septar is a previous solar return from childhood. Please see how these Solar Returns work in part 1 of this article 

Using Harvey Weinstein as an example, currently, he is 70 years old.  That means his 11th Septar is in effect between the ages of 70-76.  His 11th solar return took place in 1962. 

Though it’s customary to run the Solar Return for the location of residency, remember, this is not traditional Astrology, so the birthplace is used. 

When we view this specific Septar, we can see the major challenges he is currently facing in California after being given 23 years of prison in the state of New York.  Each house in a Septar is activated for 7 months in a clockwise direction.  Whereas in the traditional Munich Rhythm Theory, each house clockwise is for 7 years.

First, we can give this chart the justice it deserves by giving a mini interpretation before forecasting.  Doebereiner chart interpretation is very structured.  I appreciate that as a starting point to get to the meat of the chart, especially when eyeballing the chart on the spot.  The mission in this chart is striving to assert defining and protecting secrets to prevent loss (Taurus Rising/ruler in house #12.)  This is carried out by burying deeper fabrications and exaggerations (Sun in 12th house).  The outcome, MC ruler, is the legal consequences and the removal of freedom (house #10.) 

The chart ruler, Venus, in the 12th house, intercepted will bring up feelings of abandonment, loneliness, entrapped, and grief.  This is a difficult placement for a person as it can feel like an unloving period.  There is a configuration to this planet as well where the level of restlessness and despair.  The emotional level is extremely critical, dramatic, and hysterical.

From October 22, 2022, thru May 2023, the house shifts to the ruler of the 12th house.  That means Neptune and all the aspects formed on this planet dominate the period.  This includes the square formed by Saturn.  This combination will bring a lot of hysteria as a result of more information surfacing especially from females in his past.  Learning lessons around deception.  Since the Septar Neptune is in the sign of Scorpio, lessons around power, control, and sex.

Also, during this period, the activation of Aries occurs because it is intercepted in the 12th house.

Mars/Mercury/Pluto aspects bring out buried secrets.  There may first time news revealed about Weinstein.  More abused survivors may come to the surface.  He can also get into more legal problems for other matters or locations.  This can become a turbulent war-like period for him.

Transits may be applied to that specific Septar as a timing mechanism.  The activation of the transiting Uranus and Saturn Square will be impacting the Ascendant in this Septar. Saturn is about learning lessons, law, authority figures, and sowing from past behavior. Learning lessons around sexuality, exertion of authority, liberty, expression, and domination are all in the mix.

The big game-changing transit to this chart is transiting Pluto conjunct the Midheaven.  Pluto transforms by either empowering or disempowering a person’s status when transiting through the Midheaven.  Next, we can also look at the upcoming solar eclipse at 2 Scorpio.  It will activate Saturn and all the aspects formed by it.  The sentencing he is going to receive in California seems similar to or harsher than in New York.  After this house completes activation, in May 2023-December 2023, there is a shift in house energy again.  This eclipse confirms the release of Neptune/Saturn. 

The ruler of his 11th house in the Septar is activated.  The ruler is in the 5th in the sign of Leo. This can range from being moved to a different prison location, difficult health diagnosis, and heart complications. Surely, taking this further by digging deeper into the MRT of Weinstein’s natal chart is important as well a0s using other forecasting tools.

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Septar-Repurposed Solar Returns


A Septar is a German word for Solar Horoscope. In the Munich Rhythm Theory, a chart has a term of 7 years for each house clockwise. The computations for planetary releases are structured and overlap with other forecasting methods. Seeing a trend of similar influences confirms that the event is likely to take place. I like to see 2-3 assurances especially when forecasting career changes, marriage, divorce, relocation, etc.

The Septar chart is a sub-level chart that gives added clues in 7-year increments.  Each house has a revolution of 7 months.  The entire Septar chart is for 84 months.  A Septar is solar based (the Sun sign) chart.

Think of Septars as repurposing a previous Solar Return.  This is not traditional Astrology.  Instead, this is genius innovative material Doebereiner researched.  The key to this technique is to draw the location of the return for the actual birthplace even if the native has relocated out of that place and no longer lives there.

1st Septar is the birth chart starts on the day of birth (zero); it applies from ages 0 to 7.

2nd Septar is the solar return for one year after birth; it applies from ages 7 to 13.

3rd Septar is the solar return two years after birth; it applies to ages 14 to 20.

4th Septar is the solar return three years after birth; it applies to ages 21 to 27.

5th Septar is the solar return four years after birth; it applies to ages 28 to 34.

6th Septar is the solar return five years after birth; it applies to ages 35 to 41.

7th Septar is the solar return six years after birth; it applies to ages 42 to 48.

8th of Septar is the solar return seven years after birth; it applies to ages 49 to 55.

9th Septar is the solar return eight years after birth; it applies to ages 56 to 62.

10th of Septar is the solar return nine years after birth; it applies to ages 63 to 69.

11th of September is the solar return ten years after birth; it applies to the ages of 70 to 76.

12th of September is the solar return eleven years after birth; it applies to ages 77 to 83.

13th of September is the solar return twelve years after birth; it applies to the ages of 84 to 90.

Recently, I found a Septar that blew my mind.  The Septar for the client mirrored her fiancé’s chart to a tee!  Sometimes I wonder how much free will we have.

Next time we will use an example chart to illustrate Septars in more detail. Call our Psychics, Tarot Readers for insights in love and career. Try the network for just $1 minute! 1-800-498-8777!  Our Network Established in 2001 and has 3 decades of experience.  We know how to staff only the BEST Psychics!

Harvey Weinstein Predictions

Harvey Weinstein Predictions
Weinstein Progressed Chart

After the Weinstein’s verdict was delivered, Weinstein was diverted to the hospital due to heart pulses and high blood pressure. This is very typical with Uranus cycles. Weinstein’s chart has progressed Moon triggering a natal configuration that involves Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, and Jupiter. Surgery may be required as this Moon is traveling through his 8th house. This arrangement is strong for the next 7 months.

The Progressed Moon in Weinstein’s chart will be entering the 9th house, in 4 months.  During those 2.5 years, there will be more legal issues brewing for him.  More than likely, after criminal cases wind down, the civil cases will commence.  Legal matters haven’t yet scratched the surface for him.  However, on a positive spectrum, the 9th house also governs Spirituality.  Perhaps for the first time, he may give in to a higher source and work through his wreckage.  It’s never too late to change.  However, that is a long journey that requires willingness and serious help. 

His day to day freedom will be completely changed as the Quincunx from the progressed MC in Libra to his Sun in Pisces. The nature of a quincunx is the feeling of confinement, sacrificing, and adapting.  Libra also governs lawsuits, open enemies, and justice.  Pisces also rules prisons.  This is not an easy position and one that will have a long-lasting impact on his remaining years.

Weinstein Solar Return

The solar return is an excellent tool used to forecast from one birthday year the next birthday.  Technically, the moment the natal Sun travels back to the same degree/minute/second (the birthday) a new chart is drawn.  The moment that occurs, it represents the entire year at hand.  In my professional opinion, it should be used as a confirmation to other significant forecasting tools. 

Weinstein’s Solar Return seems difficult.  The Moon in the Solar Return shows the emotional outlook for the year.  Weinstein’s Solar Return moon is in Aquarius.  Aquarius represents freedom and detachment.  The aspect this Moon makes to Uranus in the 12th house (freedom /confinement) is extremely difficult and upsetting for him.  Being forced to submit, give in especially under confinement will not be an easy ride for him.  It will be an extremely emotionally draining, chaotic, anxious, and restless year. Unfortunately, these cycles can bring up so emotional turmoil, it can be viewed as suicidal.   The fragile emotional state can be like suicidal thoughts.  However, thoughts do not always succeed in actions and I cannot forecast that because of ethical reasons.  There is always free-will in a chart.

The next significant theme in his Solar Return is a stellium (cluster) of planets in the 9th house, legal activity.  This confirms the activity the progressed Moon will be making especially since the Solar Return moon is in the 9th house as well. 

The outlook for the year with Gemini Rising in the solar return demonstrates communication, media, and publicity, with the ruler in the 10th house.  Perhaps there may be a film or book written about or based on his life story. 

His health looks severe in about 2 years as he will experience Solar Arcs to his Sun from Neptune and Jupiter.  Though I’m cautious about forecasting any doom/gloom, I believe he will have to monitor his ability to function under isolation.  Resistance will only bring further health serious complications.  The challenge with him is that he is very strong-willed and has difficulty with giving in.

More to come…..

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