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Trader Joes Scandal Maskless Shopper: Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology: Timing

Last Friday, June 26 at 9 am, Trader Joe’s officially unlocked after many months of construction to the newly established strip mall now labeled as Noho West in Los Angeles. Immediately within hours, a scandal busted out over a consumer rejecting to wear a mask in the store. That video went viral and made its way to the news. That is a lot of activity for a business in less than 8 hours of operations in a grand opening. This piqued my interest as I am familiar with the neighborhood. 

In business Astrology, we can create the best time to business or personal endeavor any event for a successful outcome.   For a business, this is indispensable.  This too can be done for setting wedding dates, elective surgery, making a major purchase, or launching a business project.  This is known as Electional Astrology.  

When I review the chart for the newly launched Trader Joes, my biggest concern is the retrograde Mercury.  This is a big problem in terms of contracts, parking, communications, and technology (telephone, cash registers, electric equipment, and computers.)

Since the Mercury retrograde is in Cancer, I am concerned about the food at the store as Cancer rules all food.   Miscommunications and wrong package labeling (perhaps expirations dates) are vulnerable to neglect and/or errors.  My concern is that this Mercury retrograde also has an impact on the money the business generates as it rules, the 2nd house, finances.  Miscommunications can result in challenges.

One of the most important planets in a chart for a business is the Moon.  The general rule of thumb is no applying squares.  The Moon in this chart is on point. 

The scandal that took place within hours after the grand opening, a maskless shopper created a fiasco is demonstrative of Uranus conjunct the MC of the chart.  Uranus will bring notoriety, fame, and media attention.  Instantly, the story became a viral video.

Uranus energies are shaky energies.  Expect the unexpected.  They can bring a breakdown or breakthrough.  It is also the planet associated with sudden events including earthquakes.  Should LA experience an impactful earthquake, this place is extremely vulnerable to impact.

What about the public and clients it draws?  In this chart, it is ruled by the 7th house.  It will draw eccentric, rebellious, and possibly humanitarian clientele.  Since that ruler of the 7th is on the MC, it would not be surprising if this spot also became a paparazzi location to find celebrities and /or individuals in the media. 

Mars is responsible for confrontations and placed in a very strong position.  It is in the 29th degree of a sign which forces all the energies of the sign cram before leaving into the next sign. In sensitive Pisces, it will be extremely sensitive to criticism.  There are 2 other important components:  Mars is also conjunct with the Zero Aries axis which means “known in the world at large.”   This is also another indication of fame.  This Mars has a difficult aspect, the sesquiquadrate to Mercury (retrograde).  It will have a powerful impact leading to sensitive confrontations and outbursts.   When merged, an argument will be known to the world at large.  The art of astrology is blending all keywords: Mercury (communication), Mars (arguments), and Aries Point (world at large).

Though there is no such thing as a perfect chart, I would have opted to open the store after Mercury leaves retrograde motion on July 14/15.  I would also adjust the cluster of planets in the 6th house so that it can have more steady employees.  However, this is where we need to pick and choose several factors.

Executing a business or project may take months.  There may be parameters where it has to be done within a certain time window.  Finding the best date and time will assist in obtaining better clients, workers, and draw better financial possibilities.

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