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Solar Returns Pt2/Covid-19/Novak Djovkic

This week we resume the accurate and valuable use of Solar Return Charts in readings from last week’s article. This week we use tennis player, Novak Djovkic, Solar Return chat, and his recent Covid-19 positive result. This continues with the 2 Covid-19 videos Health Astrology (Video #1 and Video #2. ) from a few weeks ago.

The Solar Return for tennis player, Novak Djovkic, shows many health themes. He tested positive for Covid-19.  His birthday last month brought a new Solar Return.

As mentioned prior, the only way a health issue arises for an individual is when they have 3 characteristics:

  1. Activity to the Ascendant: This is the physical body
  2. Activity to the Sun: this is the core of one’s being
  3. Aspects to the 6th house or planets in the 6th house.
Novak Djovkic solar return

Djovkic’s Solar Return has all of the above.  Note: the Solar Return is only one element.  One has to factor in more significant forecasting techniques such as secondary progressions and transits.

a & b) Solar Return Ascendant is exactly Quincunx the Natal Sun: Quincunxes are health aspects.  More specifically a quincunx to a planet in Gemini can magnify mobility and respiratory issues. Quincunxes require adjustments and sacrifices.  Often, they are health-related.  Technically it is an out of sign quincunx.  However, it is valid as it is an applying aspect to the Sun in a tight 2-degree orb.

Next, the South Node is conjunct the Solar Ascendant.  This will bring challenges to the area it’s located (the body.)

c) The Venus and Mercury conjunction in the 6th house of his Solar Return is both square Neptune. This is a very classic health aspect. Mercury is prominent for breathing and mobility.

Novak Djovkic solar return

 In his natal chart, the recent solar eclipse landed in his 6th house and conjuncted Mars (infections.)  More importantly, it also triggered a natal configuration between Neptune and the Moon which only makes him more vulnerable to infections.   The effect of an eclipse is valid for 5 months. 

Transiting Saturn through the first house was quincunx natal Mars and trigger by the eclipse as well. This only adds more health complications with vitality and physical strength. 

The Secondary Progressed chart to the Natal shows:  

 a & b) Progressed Ascendant square the Natal Sun – This is a vulnerable health aspect as the body and vitality are challenged.

c) Ruler of the natal 6th house, Mercury has progressed Moon conjunct it. Also, it triggers the natal opposition Saturn makes to Mercury. The 5th house rules fun activities and sports. It is probable that he may have been infected either at a practice. However, the Saturn opposition will demand him to be extra responsible and dutiful towards his health. There are no shortcuts with Saturn. Saturn will demand every “T” to be crossed and “I” to be dotted. Saturn is a strict disciplinarian. An opposition will alter one’s events by putting them in a different direction. In this case, this is time out for him as Saturn will place his plans on hold to attend health responsibilities.

Progressed Mercury (ruler of the 6th house) is Semi Square natal Sun. This signifies health is certainly a major theme in his life that may be complicated with health issues.

Regardless, of pandemic status, the only way one can contract any type of health complication is by it showing up in the above scenario.  

A Solar Return is an excellent tool for providing additional insights to a person’s birthday to birthday year.  In my opinion, it should not be the main tool used for forecasting, it is certainly an additional tool that helps give confirmation to more important forecasting tools.

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