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Astrological Fertility Charts


There are numerous women today who have noteworthy problems conceiving children. Therefore, they need to seek complex and costly methods to have children. Astrology can help. I have worked with numerous ladies and had amazing results. There are 2 ways of assisting. One is a so-called astrological fertility cycle. The other one, when there are physical problems, casting an Astrological Electional to chart ways of working with the doctors, the fertility cycle is the distance natally between the Moon and the Sun. This repeats every 29 days.

The fertility cycle happens to be the same thing astrologically speaking as ovulation is physical. Unfortunately, the two don’t always coincide in fact in this modern-day and age. So the first thing I do with those who wish to conceive is to figure out the exact moment of the fertility cycle and work. This, after all, is no punishment. All they have to do is have intercourse at an extraordinary moment in time. If, of course, there are physical problems, we have to use another way.

Pregnancy problems are a big one now, but it will get bigger as the years go on. I hope you all realize that men’s sperm count has gone down considerably; at some point, I can talk about the psychological and physical reasons. Therefore women have a hard time conceiving. To boot, many women are waiting past 30 years for their first pregnancy. So they are not as fresh as when in their twenties. This and low sperm count makes for lots of complications.

Anyhow, the fertility cycle is nothing new, Dr. Jonas, a Czech doctor, had used the method successfully in his clinic years ago. However, this backfired. Nobody knows how long the sperm stays in the vagina until it finds the egg to ovulate. We thought this would take 24 hours, but instead, it can be up to 72 hours. On the other hand, to find the best time to conceive, this seems to work. As stated before, our natural astrological cycle is not the same as the physical one. A woman had to take too many pills and other things to be ‘natural’ in anything anymore.

In all the women I have worked with, only 2 had the same ovulation and fertility cycle dates. Strangely enough, I have had two clients who conceived during their period. I finally found a doctor to confirm that he had a similar experience. I have also found some other astrologers who use the ‘cycle’ method have identical experiences.

Anyhow, you would have to work with the client as to the best time for intercourse; it should always be before the exact cycle peak. There are 13 cycles per year. Each peak has to be calculated with a chart. The chart tells you when the best time to conceive is. Also, some charts show possible difficulties and should be discussed with the clients. The only important part of each chart is to observe the Moon and its applying aspects. If there are difficulties with the Moon, such an approaching Saturn or Uranus square, I advise not to try at that moment. Sometimes you can try right after the aspect, hoping that the peak of the cycle is still close enough to work the same problem can also happen when the Moon is void of course. At times I advise clients to go ahead anyway, again – intercourse is not a terrible thing like a clinical procedure, so there’s not much harm to try and maybe not succeed.

In all electional or fertility cycle charts, they become the new ‘birth chart,’ and the actual natal chart takes a back seat until you had a pregnant client and the chart when she did conceive become the “pregnancy’ chart which you work with and relate it to the natal chart. Please remember that this is NOT the future baby’s chart, but can only show you the course of the pregnancy.

Let me mention that if you cannot conceive the natural way, there are many, many new clinical procedures too many to recite here. All are so expensive. All have a ‘window’ where the doctor will tell the patient when she can come in for be it artificial insemination or in vitro. This window is the ideal moment for the astrologer to help with electional charts.

Pick a moment in time within this window (which is usually between 24 to 48 hours) where the chance to conceive is good – again, talking about lunar applying aspects avoiding the difficult ones, etc. and so on. Sometimes there is no right moment, and then you must realize that the Universe is wiser than you.

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