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2024 Top 3 Forecasts

We have an exciting year ahead. Expect a lot of advancement in technology this year. This may be a wise time to look into investing in technological companies and transportation. There are many shifts. I will cover the top 3. We’ll cover them as the year progresses.

#1 Pluto in Aquarius: For the next 19 years, expect increases in transformation, rebirth, empowerment in communication and technology. AI, robots, and other forms of technology are hitting at lightning bolt speed. I have already seen on the street self driving taxi cabs and robotic delivery carts on the street. Many supermarkets are without a register. The shopping cart is the checkout stand and/or it is APP based. 

A change in humanity for the collective good, movements, and many revolutions will take place. We will reconsider the status quo and the established foundations which our society poses and start to question them. 

#2 Jupiter Conjunct Uranus April 15-April 27: Expect the unexpected. This is a strong period on Wall Street.  The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in astrology is considered a powerful and dynamic aspect. Both Jupiter and Uranus are associated with expansion, growth, and unconventional energies, but they express these qualities in different ways.

1. Jupiter:

  • Symbolizes expansion, abundance, and optimism.
  • Rules over higher education, philosophy, and spirituality.
  • Can bring luck, opportunities, and a desire for exploration.

2. Uranus:

• Represents innovation, change, and sudden breakthroughs.

• Governs individuality, originality, and a rebellious spirit.

• Often associated with unexpected events and a desire for freedom.

When Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct, their energies combine, potentially leading to:

• Innovative Expansion: The conjunction can bring about opportunities for growth and expansion in unconventional or unexpected ways. There may be a desire for freedom and a willingness to embrace change.

• Breakthroughs: Individuals may experience sudden breakthroughs, whether in their personal lives or on a larger societal scale. This can lead to new perspectives and ideas.

• Optimistic Rebellion: There might be a sense of optimism and a desire to break free from limitations or conventional norms. People may be more open to experimenting with new concepts and pushing boundaries.

• Risk-Taking: The conjunction can encourage risk-taking and a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone. It’s a time where embracing the unknown can lead to positive outcomes.

It’s important to note that the specific impact of this conjunction can vary depending on the astrological houses it falls in within an individual’s birth chart and the overall astrological context.

#3 Jupiter moves into Gemini May 25, 2024 thru May 2025: Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, representing communication, curiosity, and adaptability. When Jupiter is in Gemini, these energies combine, creating a specific influence.

Some key characteristics and themes associated with Jupiter in Gemini:

1. Intellectual Curiosity: Jupiter in Gemini individuals are often intellectually curious and open-minded. They have a natural desire to explore a wide range of ideas, subjects, and perspectives. Learning and knowledge are important to them.

2. Effective Communicators: Communication is a strong suit for those with Jupiter in Gemini. They may excel in expressing their ideas and thoughts clearly, making them effective communicators. This placement may also indicate a talent for teaching or public speaking.

3. Versatility: Gemini is a sign known for its versatility and adaptability. With Jupiter in Gemini, individuals may find opportunities for growth in diverse areas of life. They may be flexible and able to adapt to different situations with ease.

4. Social Engagement: These individuals often enjoy socializing and networking. They may thrive in social settings where they can exchange ideas and connect with a variety of people. Jupiter in Gemini encourages a broadening of social circles.

5. Love of Learning: The placement fosters a love of learning, and individuals with Jupiter in Gemini may pursue education, whether formal or informal, throughout their lives. They may be drawn to continuous learning and staying updated on various topics.

6. Risk-Taking in Communication: There may be a willingness to take risks in communication, expressing bold ideas or unconventional thoughts. However, it’s essential to balance this with consideration for others’ perspectives.

When we combine the above, expect self-driving cars to hit the market. So, invest wisely in these companies as we are reaching a new era.

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