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Self Care Kits

Self Care

When we get a scratch, we go to our first aid kits for bandages and lotion. But what about when we have a life experience that catches us off guard or triggers difficult emotions? Here are some suggestions for you to create a Self Care Kit for those instants when life can be overwhelming.  


Crystals are great tools to help raise your vibration.  Rose quartz, for example, helps amplify the vibration of self-love, so it’s a great choice for your Self Care Kit.  Amethyst is a great crystal for bringing a sense of balance into your life.  Clear quartz is often called Master Crystal since it can assist the clearing of negativity in your environment. 

No matter what crystal you choose for your Self Care Kit, carrying it during times of stress will help balance you. 

Essential Oils

These pleasant-smelling oils can actually “trick” your mind into being happy.  Science has shown that the part of the brain that takes care of the sense of smell can be activated using aromatherapy. 

Add Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit Essential Oils to your Self Care Kit.  One small whiff can help you relax and feel uplifted.  Frankincense Essential Oil has been known to help with meditation and focus.  Many stores sell blends of oils for Peace, Calming or Stress Relief, but be sure to try a sample first to be sure you like the scent.

Pen, Colored Pencils, and Plain Paper

Who didn’t love coloring when they were a kid?  Even if you are not an artist, one of the best mindful meditations and stress relievers is drawing and coloring.  Get bold and use colors that are not necessarily your favorites.  Draw out your feelings.  What shape is it?  Does it have a color?  When completed, give your drawing a name.  It has been said, once we name it, we can claim it; then it’s not so scary and overwhelming.  Keep your drawings to look back at your evolutions.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, really!  Eating a small bite of dark chocolate can release happy hormones and bring about feelings of wellbeing.  Its also loaded with magnesium which is a well-known relaxer. 


When you are feeling calm, peaceful and happy, write down lists of movies or TV shows that you enjoy and make you laugh (or cry).  Put this list in your Self Care Kit so that you can remember when the stressful times come on. 

Same for a music playlist.  Create something that makes you dance and move. 

Speak to a Psychic

Sometimes it’s a matter of getting details on your upcoming potentials so that you can discern if you are on track. Speaking to a Psychic will make the world of a difference.

Now, place all of these things into a box that only you know the contents.  Make your box fun and magical.  It can be a shoebox covered with affirmations or a fancy wood box decorated with carvings.  Get creative with your Self Care Kit, but most of all, have fun with it!  What matters most if you have just made a powerful tool to be accessed during times of your life when you may be feeling sad. 

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