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Psychics – Presidents Even Use Them


Psychics are used many to get answers to questions. Some include: “Should I open myself up to this new relationship?” “Should I ask for that much-needed and deserved raise at work? “Is currently the time to move my family into a bigger home?” Throughout history, many times, psychics have been consulted. Some of history’s best-known and influential people consulted psychics and mediums.

Spiritualism was at its peak during the Civil War. It was very posh and trendy to hold “seance parties”. President and Mrs. Lincoln hosted a number of these meetups at the White House. After the death of their youngest son, Willie Mary Todd Lincoln made the acquaintance of the well-renowned medium Nettie Colburn. President Lincoln himself was said to have had precognitive visions. Claims of several visions of his assassination were recorded. Many historians argue amongst each other that Lincoln himself did or did not participate in the seances.

Winston Churchill is also well known for having consulted psychics. During World War II numerous psychics, mediums, and astrologers were consulted by Churchill including Aleister Crowley. It was rumored that Churchill had psychic gifts as well. It held a lifelong fascination
for him.

President Franklin Roosevelt also had many psychic advisors. He was said to consult with his advising psychics regarding international relations. There are no claims that Roosevelt held any psychic talents himself. But his belief in the metaphysical was loyal. He regularly soaked in the healing waters of Warm Springs, Ga to ease the pain caused by polio.

Woodrow Wilson was said to have consulted psychics during his presidency as well. Although not about international relations or war. A more human reason, perhaps one we can all relate to. He simply wanted to know when he was going to die.

In the 1970s Nancy Reagan met and became close with psychic Joan Quigley. Quigley often provided Nancy with readings that calculated periods of success for the President and when to act on individual decisions. After the President was shot, a unique phone line was installed in the White House as well as Camp David as a dedicated line straight to Quigley. Many of her predictions about the President came true. Quigley published a book called “What does Joan say?” regarding her tenure with the Regan’s.

During the early days of his presidential campaign, President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton attended several new-age functions. Mrs. Clinton met and became very close to psychic Jean Houston. Journalist Bob Woodward broke the story of their interactions, including a seance that Clinton was involved in. Reportedly Clinton went into a trance and channeled the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Ghandi.

So it’s not uncommon to look for answers outside of what we may think of as “normal.”Sometimes we have questions that we may not want to share with our friends or family. Let’s look at what tomorrow may hold for you.

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