Palmistry – Part 4 The Final Basics


In the last few weeks, we covered how to take a good palm print, timing in the palms, love in the palms, and finances in the palms. I decided that route because most clients want to know about when events are going to unfold, and details around love and finances.
I held off from going into the basic lines as I wanted first to show Palmistry in the application. Aside from the type of hand, fingers, lines, and symbols on the palm, there are 4 basic main lines:

Life Line: The physical energy and passion.
Head Line: Intellectual energy.
Heart Line: Sexual and emotional energy
Fate Line: Life purpose.

When we layer timing grids onto the marks in the main lines, it will describe as to what will happen during that period.

Many readers only do Palmistry and they are good at it. Though I do not consider myself a master Palmist/Palm Reader, I use it as a confirmation to the other techniques I use to get my information. I do not need to use it as my other methods give me what I need. However, if I want to get fancy, sure – why not!

For me, confirmation in a reading gives clarity and certainty as to events happening. Surely, Palmistry cannot forecast the more day-to-day activities such, “Will I get the job at ABC?” I will put my neck on the line making the following statement: Every tool used has its limits. The goal for a reader is to know those limits and learn other means to get the answers that other tools can and can’t. Some readers will state they have certain specialties and limitations.

For example, to this day, I cannot do missing person readings, and I have no desire to. However, I have other specialties such as timing events, relocation analysis, and relationship analysis with another person, forecasting periods, and answering those day to day questions. Whereas, the reader that might specialize in those missing person questions may lack being able to perform my specialties. It works both ways. This is similar to a dentist specializes in the mouth; a podiatrist specializes in the feet. They are both doctors.

I furthered my curiosity about Palmistry because of the timing component. Initially, I was put off by Palmistry because I’ve seen so many storefronts of questionable people claiming to be master psychics operating those types of shops. It taught me something valuable. Those awnings also have Tarot cards and Astrology too. Those tools are insightful, respectful, and productive. So I now can say the same about Palmistry.

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