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Palmistry Basics

In the last few months, I have developed a fascination with Palmistry.  My enjoyment and respect for Palmistry has grown for various reasons.  First, timing can be done Palmistry.  Anything that can go into timing, I appreciate.  Timing is my favorite.  After all, we all want to know the timing of events.

More importantly, the fingers, mounts, and certain lines have many astrological parallels.

In fact, I have noticed that acupuncturists will look at the palm to diagnose health issues.  Though acupuncturists aren’t palmists and palmists do not (and should not) diagnose health, there is validity to palmistry being a constructive tool.

There are some basic requirements in order to have an effective palm reading.  It is crucial to have an accurate palm print.  This could be a challenge.  Using a printer scanner will not be sufficient.  Neither will photographs.  In fact, the ink used in taking the print is important in order to get every line and marking on the hand.  Some inks are great for taking a print. Yet others are a nightmare to use.  Paint will not work.

The only ink I have seen that works is block printing ink.  Some inks will form blotches where the lines get washed out as they become over saturated.

As for the hand to take the palm print, it is the print of the dominant hand that needs to be taken.  The dominant hand will show the upcoming potentials.  The non dominant hand will show inherited traits.  The markings on the palm change.  So getting a palm print done over time is recommended.

When using block ink, the ink needs to be applied with a roller.  I placed ink onto a disposable paper and use the roller to apply the ink onto the hand.  This requires a lot of patience as there will be a few prints that may have empty (bald) spots on the print.  Its best to continue retrying until the entire print is fully captured.  After all, the last thing one would ever want is to lose important details.  Then carefully gliding the back of a spoon or knife under the paper to finalize the print is also an exercise in patience.  I took me 7 tries of my own palm before I was finally satisfied.

Timing in palmistry is a little general.  It will not break down events into specific months.  For that, one needs to use astrology.  Instead, in Palmistry, one can get close to years and ranges of life.  Yet when all tools come together to confirm events, it makes forecasting accurately astonishing.




The Index Finger is Palmistry is equivalent to Jupiter (learning, expansion, financial gain.).  The middle finger is Saturn (discipline, hard work, restrictions, karma.)  The ring finger is Apollo/Sun (creativity, creation, soul.) and finally the pinky is Mercury (communication, siblings, the mind.)   The same astrological meanings apply.  The mount of Venus is around the thumb which rules love life.


In my research, finding good sources on timing was like finding a needle in a haystack.  However they are enclosed in the diagram.

The most important elements to view are where there are markings, crosses, lines, and islands (periods of being stuck like being trapped in an Island.)  A magnifying glass is recommended in looking at the palm print.  With hundreds of lines and marks there is always new information being discovered.

In the next few articles I will cover finances and love in the palm.

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