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Spicen Up Your Love Life: Feng Shui!

By Psychic Andrea Ext 4402

Take a look at the southwest corner of your home.  You can use a compass (an actual compass or the one in your cellphone) to locate the area.  The condition of this corner has a direct affect on your love life and relationships with others.

What do you see?  Is it cluttered?  You may be too busy for love, or holding onto a lost love.  Dark and dusty?  That can bring loneliness.  Ideally, your southwest corner should be bright and clean.

If your bathroom is in this corner, you might find that your romance luck gets flushed down the toilet!  Remedy this by keeping the toilet lid shut when not in use and hanging a five-rod wooden wind chime inside the bathroom.  Place your love corner enhancements outside the bathroom, never inside.  Love enhancements placed inside the bathroom can attract low-quality people into your life.

You want to display romantic imagery in this corner.  If you put up pictures of people, make sure that you have pairs of people together, never anything in threes, which can manifest a “third wheel” in your relationships.  Flowers are wonderful in this corner, even faux flowers or paintings of flowers.  You want to use the colors red, yellow, or any shade of pink in your decor.

Are you into online dating?  Keep your computer in the southwest corner to attract more responses.  Alternatively, you can set up a cellphone charging station here.

Since this area is ruled by the earth element, crystals are excellent, especially Rose Quartz.  You can bring harmony into your whole household by displaying six small crystal balls of various sizes and colors in your southwest corner.  Crystal chandeliers are excellent, because they combine the earth and fire elements.

A popular Feng Shui enhancement for the southwest corner is a pair of Rose Quartz mandarin ducks sitting on a lily pad.  You can find these in most Chinatowns or online.  To energize it, tie the ducks together with a red ribbon.  This is a cure I learned directly from a Feng Shui master—and the people who have followed my advice have reported fast results.

Bright lights and candles really energize this corner, and can break up any stagnation you feel in your relationships.  If you want to really energize this corner and set your love life on fire, place a lamp with a red light bulb in this corner and turn it on every night.

I do have a cautionary tale about the red light cure.  In college, I had a roommate who told me that she had been celibate for a year.  I felt bad for her, and decided to place a red light in the southwest, although I never told her why—because she didn’t “believe” in Feng Shui.  Within a week, she started being asked out on dates.  I was very happy for her, until she started bringing people home every night, making our place so uncomfortable that I had to move out, taking my red light with me.  If you use the red light, be sure that you can handle the heat it generates!

Happy Feng Shui


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