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Ed Buck – Moon in Cancer Problems

Ed Buck Astrology
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I like biopics and some media coverage of events. Rich facts in character encourage me to look at the person’s Astrology chart. Last week, I heard about the now-infamous Ed Buck. He was charged with 20 years in federal penitentiary for the death of 2 men he injected with Crystal Meth. He employed escorts and homeless men online for “party and play” sessions (drugs/sex) and injected them with Crystal Meth. 2 victims died in his house in the last few years. 

Buck was a wealthy political activist and democratic political fundraiser. Pictures of him with notable politicians including Hilary Clinton can be found online. 

Considering I once lived around the corner from where he resided, inspired me to read into this. Buck does not have a published time of birth. So, in this instance, I will provide some basics that stand out in his planetary positions.

A problematic aspect Buck was born with was the Moon in Cancer conjunct the South Node. This aspect can bring a very dominant mother that may require too much attention and stir drama. The mother may become high maintenance by resorting to dramatic theatrics and demand an enmeshed relationship with the child. She may treat the child as a surrogate partner. Guilt-tripping is typical. This can be exhausting and draining. Typically, the south node debilitates the planet it aspects. The problem with this aspect is feeling emotionally crowded each time an emotion comes to the surface. The imprint this has on a child may be very damaging as the nurturing may be associated with violence or excessive acts.

Another element that is prominent in Bucks planets is the stellium in Cancer. This more brings attention to family, the mother, politics, etc. The mother is a much stronger influence than imagined. On a side note, many wealthy individuals such as Buck have a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. This can bring sudden luck, fortunes, and influential connections. This aspect too brings attraction to the excitement and unconventional behavior. 

Moon Square Venus: This is another complicated combination where the mother may have been difficult to please. Perfectionism and high demands are impossible ever to fulfill. It can make a person an overachiever. This also creates trying to balance nurturance versus freedom in one’s relationships.

In a chart, an inflicted Moon usually has challenging aspects. In turn, a person can become emotionally stifled, disconnected, suppress their emotional nature, and resort to abusive volatile reactions.  Emotional limitations create severe nurturance problems in relationships as the expression is suppressed.

The Moon in Cancer is already an emotional Moon.  These aspects amplify the sign of  becoming emotionally out of control.  This Moon needs nurturance, security, family, and a safe home. 

The danger with this aspect is visible with Neptune/Venus as this may draw an individual to drug, alcohol, and extreme fetishes especially.  The entire stellium amplifies extremity.

Can one rise above these influences? Most definitely! Saturn in Scorpio, when used properly, can master learning lessons through hard workaround by consuming oneself in flames to rebirth new from ashes, just like a phoenix. The power of transformation is skin-deep when sought.

As for forecasting upcoming events, Buck has progressed Sun and Mercury conjunct natal Saturn.  This can be a difficult aspect if one gets in trouble with the law. One will reap what they have sewn and transform.  Saturn in Scorpio has learning lessons regarding sexuality.  Since Mercury is also involved, a movie may be written about him in the next 2 years.

The goal of this article is to dig deep into the planetary configurations. Through time and effort, one can rise from those natal positions, hence Secondary progressions. Some people may be stuck in their natal charts, whereas other people become more like their progressed chart.

Now, considering there isn’t a published time of birth, I could rectify this chart by mathematically calculating some positions. I may do this at some point or consider a second part into Buck’s victims.

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