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Commerce Bank Condones Credit Card Theft

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If you are seeking a Visa Card with a bank that condones theft after you purchase a product or service, try with Commerce Bank.  You may be able to get your product and services and then dispute the charges without a hassle

Samuel Schiffer and his wife, Yoscheved, charged over 50 transactions at our business in a 6 week period. The reason for this is because our phone readings are in 10 minute increments.  In an hour it’s easy to accumulate 6 transactions.

Even though we have submitted rebuttals showing the contradictions the customer asserted in which they were disputed under different category codes, it seems apparent, that Commerce Bank was threatened by the main card holder, Samuel.

So if you want to ruff a bank up by threatening that you will close all your other accounts, this is the bank for you.  Apply now and steal later!

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