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Chaotic T Square Alert


Between now through May 25, expect a major world event to take place.  The news sensationalizes spectacles.  Hidden information reaches the surface, especially with past and present political figures.  I would never forecast a major catastrophe; however, they typically occur with such aspects.  Some Astrologers would justify Mars exiting from the Out of Bounds placement from Cancer to dramatic Leo as a major event.

At the start of the week, Jupiter has been Square to Pluto.  Mars has reached the point to aspect both planets.  A T-square is an aspect pattern formed by three planets or points that create a configuration resembling the letter “T” when connecting their positions in the birth chart.  It involves two planets in opposition (180 degrees apart) and a third planet or point squaring (90 degrees) both of the opposing planets. The T-square configuration creates a dynamic and challenging energy that often requires attention and integration.  The planet at the end of the T has to carry out the mission to make the Opposite planets balance each other out. 

Currently, the Writers Guild is on strike.  Expect the situation to worsen before improving.  Asserting action is needed.  The volatility of Mars square Pluto can be devastating, combative, explosive, and violent.

Legal enforcement, generosity, and foreign aid may be needed. Brutal force is applied.  Stock markets dip during this period. There may be some type of warfare, fire, explosion, gun issues (again),  environmental, weather, earthquake, and volcano type of major eruption. 

Personal and business relationships can break down.  Whether there are problems with an airline or just general travel chaos, these next few days may bring some headlines.

The opposition in the T square creates a polarity between two areas of life, while the square aspect intensifies the dynamic by adding further conflict or obstacles. This configuration indicates areas of friction and difficulty and areas where growth and resolution are needed.  This presents an opportunity for self-awareness, self-reflection, and finding ways to integrate and balance the opposing energies.

This T square is in fixed signs.  Mars will be in Leo, Pluto is in Aquarius, and Jupiter is in Taurus.  A fixed T square signifies strong will and determination, resistance to change, frustrated inner tension, the manifestation of willpower, and the need for flexibility and adaptability.

Understanding the planets in aspect adds details.  Below is a bumper sticker version of the aspects; an entire book can be written about each aspect. 

Mars Square Jupiter:  Expansive energy and ambition.  Jupiter represents growth, expansion, and opportunities, while Mars represents drive, ambition, and assertiveness. When these two planets form a square aspect, it can indicate a strong desire for success, achievement, and taking action to pursue your goals. You may feel a surge of enthusiasm and motivation to go after what you want.  There is a tendency towards excess and impulsiveness, the conflict between expansion and restraint, conflict resolution aiding personal growth, and a tendency towards excess and impulsiveness.

Mars opposite Pluto:  Mars represents assertiveness, ambition, and aggression, while Pluto symbolizes power, control, and deep transformation. When these two planets are in opposition, there can be a clash between personal desires (Mars) and deeper, subconscious motivations (Pluto). This aspect often brings about power struggles, conflicts, intense interactions with others, and intensity and emotional depth. 

Jupiter Square Pluto:  Power struggles and control issues, deep transformation and regeneration, tension between expansion and transformation, urges for control by excessive behavior, and rebirth through resilience.

In your personal life, this can give you courage to conquer goals and obstacles.  However, the dramatic reactions may hurt.  Careful with heated confrontations. 

In politics and business, security forces possibly with military, may conduct secret operations the use of powerful forces and weapons are involved.  Police and military brutality is highlighted.  Mayhem erupts. 

Finally, on a positive note, Jupiter is at the end of the T square, which can bring changes in ethics that turn into a favorable outcome.  Basically, in order to expand/heal (Jupiter), there needs to be a major conflict.