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Being Spiritual

For as long as man can recall, we have been subjected to organized religion. We have all been placed in a typical group, whether that be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, etc. But what exactly makes them all distinct beyond the fact of who we send our compliments to? How can we have so much negativity surrounding something that is meant to create joy, love, and peace? Universal throughout all religions, we will see that we all follow the same blueprint: To love everyone and everything unconditionally, compassionately, and whole-heartedly. It doesn’t matter the deity you call on or the name you have for the Creator. If you have faith and acknowledge that there is a higher force that plays a major part in your life on this Earth, that is all you need.

When I first started learning about the different aspects of religion, I was a practicing Christian. I grew up in a very religious family, although they all worshipped something other than Christian. I was brought up believing that having faith in something was all you needed no matter which path you took. One day I found myself feeling unfulfilled by listening to a sermon one day at church, so I decided to branch out and see what everyone else was learning. When I began to research the different religions, I found that if we stop looking at the words in a literal aspect, we will see they are merely instructions on how to make it through this journey we call life. Being unique is one of our most prized gifts as humans and we must embrace that uniqueness. We all grew up with the idea that our family traditions would be the way to live and follow, but as we get older, we find that something’s just don’t fit into our lives the way they did for our parents, grandparents, etc.

But if you don’t follow a religion, are you an atheist? Far from it! Being able to expand beyond the little boxes that we have been placed in allows us to be able to have more understanding for our fellow man and animal as we cohabitate this beautiful planet. I have come to learn that being Spiritual not only keeps my faith high but also keeps me connected with everything in the Universe. Being spiritual allows you to break free from thinking inside the box, knowing there are limitless possibilities, and if we can keep the idea present that there is a Higher being, a Creator. 

We have the right to choose who we want to be, where we want to go, and how we want to do it. To stay blinded by any hype blocks messages that our Higher Source has for us and keeps our lights dim as we move and allow others to lead our lives. 

Let’s tape into the richness of all sources and see what is in store for you. 

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