Nailed it – Presidential Election Forecast 2020!

Albert ext 3030

Once again for the hundredth time, our reader extraordinaire, Albert ext 3030, has shocked us.

He not only predicted Biden would win but also, he predicted the delays and recounts.  That article was emailed last week and is available posted on our blog too.   The video version of this has some more details on former US Elections and posted as well.  You can see the date it was uploaded on the Youtube embed feed. 

Albert’s work deserves beyond recognition.  However, this goes beyond accurately predicting the election.  This year he has made quite astonishing predictions one after another. They are all time-stamped and posted on our blog after they were emailed.  A shortlist includes: Donald and Melania Health forecast Video, Covid Vaccines, Madonna health issues / surgery, Harvey Weinstein Imprisonment Dates, and more.

Over the years, you have also observed Albert forecast the download of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drug allegations and Ford’s untimely health failure.  Albert’s accurate forecasts continues.  So be prepared for another email like this soon as he forecasted upcoming health issues for Trump in this video.

Our goal is to educate, demonstrate, showcase our reader’s talents, and apply some of these concepts on how readings benefit you.  Public figures (entertainment or political) are used as examples to provide visibility on the phenomena and talents of our readers.  If our Psychics forecast a public figure with such precision,  imagine what they can do for you!   Be sure to get your reading too.

Corona Virus-Donald & Melania Test Positive, US Election 2020: The winner is…., Harvey Weinstein Legal and Imprisonment, Madonna Health Issues, Rob Ford Downfall and Health Issues

Accurate Predictions

Cup Cards in Career Readings

The Cup cards Tarot Readings equal water in the Tarot. If you have a lot of Cups in your career reading, that’s a sign that you’re emotionally invested in your career, your professional relationships are really important to you, and that as both a person and a professional.  For some people, Cups cards in a reading might signal that either you or a close business colleague is a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Ace of Cups

Upright: New professional relationships, planting new seeds

Reversed: Time to focus on self instead of career

Two of Cups

Upright: Professional connections, kindred spirits

Reversed: Not being open to new possibilities, disruptions to professional relationships

Three of Cups

Upright: Cooperation, abundance, celebration

Reversed: Crossed wires in communications, need to seek forgiveness from a colleague

Four of Cups

Upright: Boredom and apathy about your career or job prospects

Reversed: Focusing on the negative concerning your career, think about your professional blessings

Five of Cups

Upright: Disappointment or bitterness surrounding your career or job prospects

Reversed: Dwelling over past traumas surrounding career, not doing the work to heal from past hurts in the workplace, becoming jaded about your career and the nature of work in general

Six of Cups

Upright: Nurturing nostalgia about your youth or the early days of your career, development over time, growth of your career

Reversed: Massive regrets about past decisions regarding your career, the need to forgive both past colleagues and yourself

Seven of Cups

Upright: Having plenty of career options, moving forward without knowing all of the next steps

Reversed: Indecision regarding job offers or your current career, being overwhelmed

Eight of Cups

Upright: Releasing past work traumas, walking away from a job or career path 

Reversed: Regretting the decision to walk away from a career or opportunity, feeling stuck professionally

Nine of Cups

Upright: Massive professional wins, manifesting your biggest career goals

Reversed: Unfulfilled professional dreams, craving more than you deserve in the professional realm, not practicing gratitude for your career

Ten of Cups

Upright: Beautiful professional connections. May signify romance in the workplace

Reversed: Not feeling worthy of your professional accomplishments, disputes at work

Page of Cups

Upright: Motivated to bring creativity and innovation to your workplace, ambitious dreamer

Reversed: Being overly sensitive to slights from colleagues and supervisors, not being aware of nonverbal signs at work

Knight of Cups

Upright: Passionate and creative, seeking professional connections. Could signify a consummate networker. Also could signal workplace romance

Reversed: Not being open to opportunity, negativity surrounds your professional progress. Could signal issues with a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) at work

Queen of Cups

Upright: Emotional intelligence, empathy in the workplace

Reversed: Creating melodrama in the workplace, needing to listen more, suppressing emotions, not advocating for yourself at work

King of Cups

Upright: Patient, experienced leader, supportive presence at work, creative

Reversed: Creates drama at work, gets triggered easily, doesn’t control emotional outbursts

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Author Bio: 

Dana (ext. 4301) is a Tarot reader focused on helping people manifest love, financial abundance, and professional success that will allow them to live their very best lives. 

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