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Psychic Andrea

Welcome to Psychic Andrea at Extension 4402.

She is a natural born clairvoyant with over 15 years experience using Tarot, Palmistry, Crystals, Chakras, Aromatherapies, and Meditations. Everyone is safe in session without judgment.

She is here to give you fast accurate and detailed answers to anything that is bothering. She will give you a peaceful sense to your problems.

Love, money, work, and anything that is bothering can be helped.

Psychic Kendra- Welcome Our New Psychic




Psychic Kendra Ext 4401
Psychic Kendra Ext 4401

Psychic Kendra at extension 4401  is now part of the APN family.  She specializes in Relationships, Finances,  Career, Destiny

Her  readings will show you what confines of your own destiny and give you ideas for the ultimate decisions in what you do.  She specializes  in all matters of the heart, soulmates, and career.



Psychic Myths- Debunked

Psychic Myths Debunked (more…)

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Psychics – Presidents Even Use Them

Psychics are used many to get answers to questions. Some include: “Should I open myself up to this new relationship?” “Should I request that much needed and deserved raise at work? “Is now the time to move my family into a bigger home?” Throughout history many times psychics have been consulted. In fact, some of history’s best known and influential people consulted psychics and mediums.

Spiritualism was at it’s peak during the Civil War. It was very posh and trendy to hold “seance parties”. President and Mrs. Lincoln hosted a number of these meetups at the White House. After the death of their youngest son, Willie Mary Todd Lincoln made the acquaintance of the well renowned medium Nettie Colburn. President Lincoln himself was said to have had precognitive visions. Claims of several visions of his own assassination were recorded. Many historians argue amongst each other that Lincoln himself did or did not participate in the seances.

Winston Churchill is also well known for having consulted psychics. During World War II numerous psychics, mediums, and astrologers were consulted by Churchill including Aleister Crowley. It was rumored that Churchill had psychic gifts as well. It held a lifelong fascination
for him.

President Franklin Roosevelt also had many psychic advisors. He was said to consult with his advising psychics regarding international relations. There are no claims that Roosevelt held any psychic talents himself. But his belief in the metaphysical was loyal. He regularly soaked in the healing waters of Warm Springs, Ga to ease the pain caused by polio.

Woodrow Wilson was said to have consulted psychics during his presidency as well. Although not about international relations or war. A more human reason, perhaps one we can all relate to. He simply wanted to know when he was going to die.

In the 1970’s Nancy Reagan met and became close with psychic Joan Quigley. Quigley often provided Nancy with readings that calculated periods of success for the President and when to act on certain decisions. After the President was shot a special phone line was installed in the White House as well as Camp David as a dedicated line straight to Quigley. Many of her predictions about the President came true. In fact, Quigley published a book called “What does Joan say?” regarding her tenure with the Regan’s.

During the early days of his presidential campaign, President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton attended several new age functions. Mrs. Clinton met and became very close with psychic Jean Houston. Journalist Bob Woodward broke the story of their interactions, including a seance that Clinton was involved in. Reportedly Clinton went into a trance and channeled the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Ghandi.
So it’s not uncommon to look for answers outside of what we may think of as “normal.”Sometimes we have questions that we may not want to share with our friends or family. Let’s look at what tomorrow may hold for you.

Psychic Tool & History: Tarot Cards Readings

May Psychic readers use Tarot Cards. The first Tarot decks are believed to date back to early 15th century Italy. These early decks were hand painted decks of “playing cards”. Hand painted cards were expensive, and available for the most part, only to the wealthy upper classes. It was not until the invention of the printing press that the decks became available to the masses.

In the mid 18th century these decks started to be used for divination, or fortune telling. The decks are made up of twenty two major arcana cards, and fifty six suited cards, which are divided into fourteen cards each, ten numbered cards and four court cards.

The twenty two numbered major arcana cards are, The Fool (0) The Magician (1), The High Priestess (2), The Empress (3), The Emperor (4), The Hierophant (5), The Lovers (6), The Chariot (7), Strength(8), The Hermit (9), The Wheel Of Fortune (10), Justice (11), The Hanged Man (12), Death (13), Temperance (14), The Devil (15), The Tower (16), The Star (17), The Moon (18), The Sun (19), Judgment (20) The World (21),

Tarot cards are different from oracle cards and we will get into that later. Lets begin with an overview explanation of the major arcana cards and a more in depth explanation of the court cards. The major arcana cards symbolize profound, deep life lessons or life stages. When a major arcana card or cards appear in a reading it suggests more than a step in ones life, but a meaningful life lesson.

The suited cards are divided into four categories. Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords. Cups are connected to the water element, love, relationships, and feelings/emotions. Wands are connected to the fire element, creativity, drive, passion, innovation and motivation. Pentacles are connected to the Earth element, money, abundance, success, work, responsibilities, business, daily activities in the outside world. Swords are connected to the Air element, the mind, intellect, thought, worry, mental analysis, and ideas.

There are four court cards for each suit. Kings, queens, knights, and pages. The king of cups represents a male or masculine person, who is emotional, artistic or musical, secretive, and who tends to be in touch with their emotions. The queen of cups represents a female or feminine person who is emotional, intuitive, sexual, artistic or musical, secretive, and deeply feeling. The Knight of cups represents an overall feeling of romance, drive for a romantic relationship, and feelings of being in love with life, romance, arts and music. The page of cups represents the initial twinge of romance or an open heart and willingness to love or find romance.

The king of wands represents a male or masculine person who is passionate, optimistic, warm, enthusiastic, trustworthy, loyal, impulsive, supportive, and motivated in a warm and attractive way. The queen of wands represents a female or feminine person who is warm, passionate, loyal, trustworthy, honest, faithful, loving, excited, enthusiastic and motivated. The Knight of wands represents Travel, movement, excitement for a creative project and movement towards that project. The page of wands represents the initial concept of a creative idea or project.

The King of pentacles represents a male or masculine person who is financially secure or wealthy, good at business, good with worldly affairs, owns property or businesses. Is a good provider, family oriented, nurturing and kind, loves food and gardens. The queen of pentacles represents a female or feminine person who has good self esteem, self appreciation, dignity, integrity, is nurturing, sensual, loves to cook or create a comfortable home environment. The Knight of Pentacles represents the energy to do daily tasks with joy and a sense of value. The Knight of pentacles represents a work ethic and a job well done, with care and pride, or movement towards these things. The Page of pentacles represents the initial start or new beginning of a work or material world project.

The King of swords represents a male or masculine person who is identified in their mind and with intellect. This person would be educated or well read. Fair minded, and motivated by judgment and rational thought. The Queen of swords represents a female or feminine person who is not driven by emotion, but motivated by rational thought, fairness, justice, humanitarian concerns and how to implement ideology. The king and queen of swords hold our highest ideals, and see the world not as it is, but as it could be. The Knight of Swords represents mental restlessness, a desire to move forward, impatience, frustration, and a feeling of being held back. The page of swords represents the very first seeds of a new way of thinking, or new ideas and attitudes.

The numbered cards correspond to their element, their number, and their meanings are unique to each card. We will explore the numbered cards in the next article. This is just the beginning as we journey deeper into our understanding of the Tarot.

You will find that most psychic advisors enjoy the Tarot for its’ rich imagery.

Psychic Readings Love, Career, and Finances – Venus

Psychic Readings
, it is common to ask information about love life, finances,
and more.  Since Venus rules love and finances, we are going to shed some light
on this planet.

Since Venus has been retrograde for close to 4 weeks and about to turn direct
in a few days, I want to share with you love life positions in the chart.

The Moon in your horoscope chart represents your emotional needs.  It reveals
everything you need in order to be pleased.  This includes emotional urges
complied for your love needs to be fulfilling.
Whereas Venus shows what pleases you and Mars shows how you want to please
others.  This applies to love and sex.

The aspects each of these planets make to the rest the chart, the zodiac sign
they are in, and the house position give more details.

For example, Venus in Pisces may find pleasure in romantic and unconditional
love; whereas Venus in Aquarius find pleasure in independence, autonomy and
detachment.  A first house Venus may be viewed as a very attractive person and
attract partners instantly.  Whereas a 12th house Venus may be more
private about love matters and prefer it to be kept a secret.

Sometimes these 2 planets in aspect with each other can give a lot of
insights into a person’s love life.  It is very common that Venus in harmonious
aspects with Mars will draw s relationships and a harmonious sex life very
easily.  Difficult aspects may result in constant conflicts.  For example, I
know an individual with an exact aspect to Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius
known as a square.  The individual only has finds pleasure in deep desires that
result in all or nothing from a partner.  The demands can be quite high.  Yet
the way that is expressed is cool and freedom oriented and rebellious via the
Aquarius that Mars is in.  The result is ongoing fighting.  That individual has
many learning lessons to encounter.  Surely by looking at the other aspects in
the chart as well the house position makes a difference.

Equally important, every chart progresses and receives new cycles.  That
simply means if you weren’t born with an aspect to either of these planets, we
can easily detect when the planet will be getting some activity, what that
activity will be, and the dates of that activity.  So if an individual will have
progressed Venus cross the Ascendant,  a serious change in a person’s life will
be happening.  The result can be filled with popularity, love coming from
everywhere, and certainly a change within the physical appearance.

The next important area to factor in for love life is the 7th
house.  The sign on the cusp of the house will demonstrate how one pursues a
relationship.  Surely with Aries on the cusp, it will pursued with bravery,
courage, and enthusiasm.  On the flip side one can also pursue relationships in
a rush and has to guard jumping into situations too early.  The irony about that
is that regardless of the zodiac Sun sign one is born with, it explains in
detail just exactly your relationship energy.  Surely this changes over time via

Next, planets in the 7th house and the ruler of the 7th
house position and its aspects demonstrate the type of people you draw.  Do you
have Neptune in aspect to any of these planets?  That can surely draw an artist,
poet, musician, doctor or a drug dealer.  Surely incorporating the rest of the
chart and factoring in the client’s background and upbringing play a role with
all this.

Psychic Readers Throw Caution On Venus

Many psychic readers  take very seriously Venus Retrograde.

Venus is about to turn retrograde on the 4th of March .  Currently Venus is traveling at a slower  speed;  so it eventually comes to a halt and shift into retrograde motion. It remains retrograde until April 16.

During this period you may need to examine your basis of your joy.  It can be a period where you will take measures to recover or reinforce it. You can usually come to terms its absence through situations that can make it very clear where life lacks the gratification desired.  Choices made may require obligations.  During this period relationships may tend to dry up.  You will need to be aware of relationship difficulties and find a pro-active way of working matters out.

Financial responsibilities can emerge.   It is a time of monetary contraction, so plan accordingly. Agreements need to be examined thoroughly.

On a positive note, the week can have a very strong artistic endeavors for those in the creative and /or performing arts as Saturn can structure and form the artistry in Venus.

It is advised not start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this time because you might end up paying more than bargained for.  In your horoscope, the planet Venus rules beauty, art, social relationships, partnerships, romance, love, values, money, and financial security.  In the case of Venus retrograde, slow down and reassess what and who you value and why.

Venus retrograde has advantages.  Typically it is a period where you can get an excellent deal on antiques, second hand goods, and flea market / thrift store items.  I have observed some individuals born under a Venus retrograde that are collectors of such items.  In fact, some of them own these types of outlets.  Though a good deal can be obtained, I would encourage placing a price cap on items you are willing to purchase prior to the retrograde.

During Venus Retrograde we might feel like retreating from socializing or forming a relationship.  It is a valuable time to go inward to reflect and revise our loving nature.  We may review our past needs, desires, tastes, and pursuit of relationships.

Sometimes unresolved issues in a relationship can be magnified.  It is not a time to make a decision.  However it is an ideal time to analyze your thoughts and slowly make the necessary modifications.

On a lighter note, it is not the time to “beautify” yourself.  Venus rules beauty and esthetics. During the retrograde there is a lack of clarity around your efforts.  Therefore, the retrograde period is not an ideal time to change your appearance.  So, don’t begin any procedures or surgeries to enhance your beauty such as plastic surgery. This is the wrong time to change your hairstyle, hair color, do a makeover or purchase a new wardrobe because you may not like the results after the retrograde is complete.   A client of mine went in for a nasal procedure under a retrograde period.  Though the results were “ok” as she put it.  She felt the doctor was too minimal and wanted more results.  So we went in for a 2nd time at the same procedure with a different doctor is got what she wanted.

In essence, any new major venture started on a retrograde Venus will require re-doing them afterwards.  In part 2 we will go into more detail.


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