Nailed it – Presidential Election Forecast 2020!

Albert ext 3030

Once again for the hundredth time, our reader extraordinaire, Albert ext 3030, has shocked us.

He not only predicted Biden would win but also, he predicted the delays and recounts.  That article was emailed last week and is available posted on our blog too.   The video version of this has some more details on former US Elections and posted as well.  You can see the date it was uploaded on the Youtube embed feed. 

Albert’s work deserves beyond recognition.  However, this goes beyond accurately predicting the election.  This year he has made quite astonishing predictions one after another. They are all time-stamped and posted on our blog after they were emailed.  A shortlist includes: Donald and Melania Health forecast Video, Covid Vaccines, Madonna health issues / surgery, Harvey Weinstein Imprisonment Dates, and more.

Over the years, you have also observed Albert forecast the download of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drug allegations and Ford’s untimely health failure.  Albert’s accurate forecasts continues.  So be prepared for another email like this soon as he forecasted upcoming health issues for Trump in this video.

Our goal is to educate, demonstrate, showcase our reader’s talents, and apply some of these concepts on how readings benefit you.  Public figures (entertainment or political) are used as examples to provide visibility on the phenomena and talents of our readers.  If our Psychics forecast a public figure with such precision,  imagine what they can do for you!   Be sure to get your reading too.

Corona Virus-Donald & Melania Test Positive, US Election 2020: The winner is…., Harvey Weinstein Legal and Imprisonment, Madonna Health Issues, Rob Ford Downfall and Health Issues

Accurate Predictions

Soulmates and Twin Flames – Aligned in Love

Soulmate Readings

Many of us have been asking the universe questions about our soulmates: “When will I meet my Twin Flame?” “Is my current partner my soulmate?” “How will I know when I find my ideal match?” These are all valid questions because as we know, Love is one of the most beautiful and important aspects of life! I support you in your journey, and I want to give you some guidance to navigate your relationships with ease and grace.

Let’s start with the hottest topic right now, “What is a twin flame?”  Maybe you’ve heard this term before. A Twin Flame is a person that you have an intense connection  It can be a romantic partner for some, but for others, it can be a platonic relationship such as a friend or family member. The connection is intense because there is polarity, or in other words because opposites attract. In the case of twin flames, two opposites are connecting to create a sense of wholeness.  However, many of us have experienced a roller coaster of feelings with our twin flames leaving us to feel that wholeness is far off or even unattainable. Why is this happening? Because finding wholeness with a twin flame is a journey of finding balance within yourself. You may have completely different opinions or ways of doing things than your twin flame, which can result in both of you being triggered and frustrated. When you feel this way, realize it is just the pull of polarity keeping you magnetized to this person. Find some common ground, agree to disagree, or perhaps just give each other some space. This may seem difficult to navigate at times, but always try to see the silver lining. Love is complex, and unconditional love means opening your heart and your mind. Your twin flame is here to teach you all about life and love from another perspective. Try to be patient; try to listen to the messages that love has on offer.

At this point, you might be wondering, “What is the difference between a Twin Flame and a Soulmate?”  A Soulmate is a person you have met in previous lifetimes. This can be a twin flame, a lover, a partner, or even a non-romantic person like a parent, sibling, or best friend. A soulmate relationship is not necessarily as intense or emotional as a twin flame connection. A soulmate is here to support you, guide you, love you, and show you the amazing synchronicity we experience throughout our lifetimes. You have likely had different relationships with soulmates in your past lives. For example, your father in a previous lifetime might be your teacher in this lifetime. How incredible!

Maybe you haven’t met your twin flame yet or you just need some clarity on your current relationship. Well, I have a proposition for you: Receive a Past-Life Reading. Find out who you were, who your soulmates are, and where your twin flame is at!

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