Nailed it – Presidential Election Forecast 2020!

Albert ext 3030

Once again for the hundredth time, our reader extraordinaire, Albert ext 3030, has shocked us.

He not only predicted Biden would win but also, he predicted the delays and recounts.  That article was emailed last week and is available posted on our blog too.   The video version of this has some more details on former US Elections and posted as well.  You can see the date it was uploaded on the Youtube embed feed. 

Albert’s work deserves beyond recognition.  However, this goes beyond accurately predicting the election.  This year he has made quite astonishing predictions one after another. They are all time-stamped and posted on our blog after they were emailed.  A shortlist includes: Donald and Melania Health forecast Video, Covid Vaccines, Madonna health issues / surgery, Harvey Weinstein Imprisonment Dates, and more.

Over the years, you have also observed Albert forecast the download of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drug allegations and Ford’s untimely health failure.  Albert’s accurate forecasts continues.  So be prepared for another email like this soon as he forecasted upcoming health issues for Trump in this video.

Our goal is to educate, demonstrate, showcase our reader’s talents, and apply some of these concepts on how readings benefit you.  Public figures (entertainment or political) are used as examples to provide visibility on the phenomena and talents of our readers.  If our Psychics forecast a public figure with such precision,  imagine what they can do for you!   Be sure to get your reading too.

Corona Virus-Donald & Melania Test Positive, US Election 2020: The winner is…., Harvey Weinstein Legal and Imprisonment, Madonna Health Issues, Rob Ford Downfall and Health Issues

Accurate Predictions

Transforming Pain into Gain


During turbulent times, it can be very difficult to remain balanced and grounded. As a Psychic, I am seeing that the public will receive new, major information in the next couple months. The power of change is within.

That is precisely why I want to give you a step-by-step guide for clearing negative energy from your life. My goal is to prepare you for this huge transformation happening in our society and the world at large. You can make the most out of any situation and transform your pain into gain.

Step 1: Validate Yourself in Present Time

You are completely unique, there is no one else in the universe quite like you. We are all here on Earth to learn from this magnificent classroom of Life.  Wherever your life is right now, at this very moment, is exactly where you need to be. Validate what you have been through up until this point using your strength, grit and resilience. There is no need to talk to yourself negatively or get down on yourself. When I look at you, I see a divine being with a beautifully intricate soul. You are doing the absolute best that you can, and it shows!

Step 2: Tune in to your Higher Self

I encourage you to take a step back from your emotions just for a moment. Try and remove yourself from your current situation, as if you are looking down at everything from a distance.  Look at yourself from the perspective of unconditional love. What positive encouragement would you give yourself if you were the best therapist in the world? What advice would you give yourself if you were the best parent in the world? Sometimes we feel that we cannot move forward because we don’t have the support we need. However, I can see that your Higher Self is there, guiding you and supporting you every step of the way. Whenever you feel lost or overwhelmed, just step back and tune in to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is ALWAYS rooting for you!

 Step 3: Find Amusement and Neutrality

If ever you feel depressed, stuck or confused, try and find some amusement. Negativity is a heavy set of vibrations that quite literally trap us in illusion, pain and fear. Why do pain and fear have to exist? Because we wouldn’t understand or appreciate love without hate, joy without pain, or strength without fear. Shifting your perspective from fear to love can help you take any pain or negativity with a grain of salt. Cracking a joke or making someone giggle will thwart the heaviness and lighten your mood. Taking a step back and remaining neutral can show you all the energies at play, so that you can make an informed decision about how to move forward.

You can turn your pain into gain by slightly shifting your perspective. What is your life purpose? What are you here to learn? What makes you completely unique?

Lets explore in finding these answers.

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