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Trumpstrology: Trump & Pluto

Romance and Sex

When Pluto is transiting through the Donald Trump‘s fifth house, love affairs are intensified to the point of obsession.  It can make one dwell a lot and have jealousy, power games, and covert situations.
Some people can have extra-marital affairs.  Those affairs can seem passionate, intense, sexually charged, and destructive.  Natally, Trump has Pluto in the 12th house.  So there will always be secret developments when Pluto transits his chart.  Those secrets can get exposed.

The quincunx his Pluto is making to his natal Sun, it is a vulnerable period where secret relationships may be leaked to the media.  There could be a Stormy Daniels #2, #3, #4, and more that may surface. Surely I would never say there are more individuals. However, in my opinion, it seems like if they exist, now would be the time they could surface as it is a vulnerable planetary period for it. Also, more developments can unfold regarding Stormy (#1.)

Relationships look a bit concerning for Trump.  Eventually, Pluto will form an opposition to his natal Saturn.  That planetary combination is a recipe for loss.  Since Saturn has a tight aspect to Venus (love.)  There is a possible separation with his current spouse within the next 2.5 years.

Creative Power

Pluto in the fifth house is typically a powerful creative individual.  Creative doesn’t have to be artistic. It can be inventor and one that originates ideas into concrete manifestation.  The issue here is with Trump, this creative powerful energy may not be operating to other people’s liking.  The entire building of a wall issue has a lot of problems.  Ironically, walls and construction are both ruled by Capricorn, which is where the current sign Pluto is in.  He is going to have a hard time being able to construct this.  So this issue is going to continue being a major problem and getting more media coverage for the next few months.

Ego: True self versus false self?

Pluto is about transformation. That transformation is life changing.  When Pluto aspects the Sun in the chart, it requires a person to change the ego.  It may in fact force the person to have a slice of humble pie.  If a person has been operating with a false self running his life, there are some very difficult situations and power struggles. 

Yet, when change in ego is required, there is no way of getting around that.  Unfortunately, resistance can create health issues especially with any Sun related issue such as the heart.  Technically speaking, yes, this is a strong candidate for heart problems. 

Between now until the end of July, this entire period where Pluto is quincunx aspect to his natal Sun is going to be a bit stressful requiring him to put his own agenda aside.  That is not easy for an individual that is operating with a lot of pride.

This is not a “bad “ cycle.  Every cycle has a benefit.  The best part of Pluto to the Sun is rebirth.  Transformation is needed for an individual to evolve.  The only way this becomes a difficult period is when it is resisted by the individual. 

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