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Everyone has a 2nd and 3rd Astrology Chart

An Astrology Chart has many variations. The modern Western Chart is the most commonly used Astrology for obtaining information on a native’s character and possibility. Various forecasting methods show periods for possibilities in all dimensions of life including love and career prospects. Also, there are techniques used for analyzing relationship compatibility, relocation analysis, and event planning.

The Western Chart is enough to get more details than one can imagine.  It takes years to master several concepts.  The knowledge is never-ending as there are always new concepts explored.

The next important chart is the Uranian Chart.  This system was developed in Germany. It uses aspects that are in the Western Chart and other overlooked aspects.  This system uses Midpoints and 8 hypothetical planets. 

Astrology Chart- Uranian

Astrology Chart Whitney Houston Uranian
Chart B Whitney Houston-Uranian Chart

The halfway point between 2 planets is called a midpoint.  For example, the Venus/Mars midpoint is a popular relationship midpoint. 

Planetary trees show aspects between midpoints and planets.

8 hypothetical planets are factored in interpretations.  These are the Trans Neptunian Planets (TNP’s) which are beyond Pluto. 

Uranian Astrology uses formulas to get forecasting answers.  For example, Sun + Moon-Venus is considered a marriage formula.  When the formula becomes active, so does the opportunity for marriage.  Simply, these equations generate timing answers.  There are hundreds of formulas.  This type of chart is an additional forecasting and relationship compatibility source. 

A 90-degree dial navigates the chart.  It is like a plate one spins around to analyze midpoints and planets in calculating time.  Software can do this too.  Yet, a seasoned professional can work faster than a computer manually spinning the dial around

Astrology Chart – Hellenistic

Astrology Chart Whitney Houston Hellenistic
Chart C Whitney Houston- Hellenistic Chart

Finally, the Hellenistic Chart is what I classify as a separate system.  This was used by ancient astrologers in 2 BCE and predates modern astrology.  It uses 5 planets and 2 luminaries.  I was fascinated by this form of Astrology because they separate day charts from night charts.  Each chart has specific theories for what makes a chart work.

In Hellenistic Astrology, a planet can shift into different houses as the whole sign system is used.  This will not happen to all charts.  Subtle differences enrich the analysis.

The 2 Hellenistic forecasting tools shown in the last few weeks were Annual Profections and Zodiacal Releasing.  I am impressed by these tools.  I still want to see the Western chart and the various forecasting tools utilized, I believe these tools serve as polish materials.

Western and Uranian Astrology can give plenty of details to enrich a reading.  Yet, I think some Hellenistic concepts will add nuances that can serve as putting a magnifying glass over a chart.

The charts to the side are Whitney Houston.  Chart A is the traditional Western Chart. Chart B is her Uranian Chart; Chart c is her Hellenistic Chart. 

Repeated themes that come up in all 3 charts are significant.  Overlooked details sometimes are seen through a different lens adding more dimensions.

There are other charts used for other areas that zoom in specifics such as past life, fertility, and more.  I’ll cover those at a later time. 

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