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Jada Pinkett Smith Astrology

I remember looking at Jada Pinkett Smith’s chart after seeing her “Set it Off “.  I was beyond fascinated with her powerful career aspects.  Venus on the MC in a grand trine to Saturn on the 7th and Mars in the 2nd indicates prominent financial success in the arts and a marriage to a record-breaker in the arts.  Venus is in its’ ruling sign, Libra and in aspect to the Aries point makes her visible to the world at large.   

Jupiter is also in its’ ruling position aspecting the Ascendant.  This is a very lucky placement.  I know many charts with this aspect that constantly excel in financial matters.  A close friend of mine constantly finds objects on sidewalks.  This aspect is like having lady luck on one’s side.  Also, Venus and Neptune (film) are in aspect to Jupiter giving her luck in film and beauty endeavors.  She would be super successful in having her cosmetic line like Rhianna.


Though there is no such thing as a bad chart, every chart has advantages and disadvantages.  The next positive aspect is Mercury also in the ruling position, Virgo.  Jada can get her point across with the support of the public.  Typically, when planets are in ruling positions, life offers opportunities and abundance with less effort.  Achievement is easier to manifest.  The opposite holds for individuals born with planets in fall and detriment positions whereby hard work is required to achieve.  In competition, these powerful positions receive support instantly as their charisma and likeability dominate the spectrum. 

Jada Pinkett Smith Astrology Aspects

Jada is a New Moon Virgo (Sun and Moon) with a Sagittarius Ascendant.  Her life mission is striving to understand the final results of everything that has brought her to where she and others are in the journey of life. 

Understanding human motivations will aid her in her journey, especially as an actress.  Her highest point of achievement is analyzing her philosophical ideals, spirituality, thoughts, and emotions. This has a strong Jupiter theme too as the MC ruler is in the 9th house.  For this chart to prosper, it will require ongoing expanding the mind by becoming a perpetual student.  

The Virgo Moon is the detail orientated and will devote the majority of time to work.  With so many powerful aspects, if a person cannot put in the hard work needed to excel, they usually tend to marry well to a partner that will help them achieve.  Since the Sun is conjunct Pluto in the sign of Virgo on the MC, she will certainly meet and attain status through the support of powerful men in her career. 

In viewing Jada’s most difficult aspect, communication, learning, and partnership skills are tested. 

Perhaps she was able to get by school based on her charisma, but they surely weren’t excellent.  Saturn Square Mercury can inhibit confidence and require a person to work hard.  Getting past insecurity is a milestone.  Failure can be hard to accept especially for a person with a stellium in Virgo.  

Rather than fail, the easier option may be avoidance. Wherever Saturn is in the chart denotes the area one has to work the hardest.  In the 7th house, marriage and all partnerships will demand responsibility.  Partners will become demanding.  Saturn square to Mercury (communication) brings obstacles to communication skills (talking, listening, absorbing, and empathizing) with a partner.  Interestingly, Saturn in the sign of Gemini will produce learning lessons around communication skills in all relationships.  More than likely, this is the biggest obstacle in her marriage to Will Smith

Mercury in aspect a T square to Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn can result in difficulties getting past rigid idealized standards.  The mindset is covered with rose-colored glasses to the point it may magnify matters and jump to conclusions without having much of the facts.  Empathy skills require time.  The opposite end of the T square is where most of the activity is executed.  Once again, communication shows up having obstacles as it points to the 3rd house (communication and the mind.) 

Two aspects that I want to point out are Mercury and the Moon are quincunx Mars.  This can easily become stressed out and argumentative during a moment of conflict with a partner.   Partners can push irritating buttons.  Virgo can get fussy and worrisome and make a mountain over a molehill regarding future hopes.  Since this is between the signs of Virgo and Aquarius, there is worry about the big picture (the future) which may lead to easily jumping to conclusions without having all the facts in order.  

Jada has no planets in water signs.  Typically this has a difficult time understanding feelings/emotions (their own and others). Perhaps preferring to rationalize (Earth), intellectualize (Air), or energize (Fire) emotions/feelings; then truly feel them is a major theme in this chart.  

This is the chart for major success in the entertainment industry.  By no means does that dismiss Jada’s talent, rather, it clarifies that success, visibility, and attainment come easier for her.  With the right application, talent can skyrocket.  The true matter lies before Saturn requiring discipline, hard work, and time..

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