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Psychic Readings Love, Career, and Finances – Venus

Psychic Readings, have common  question on love life, finances,
and more.  Since Venus rules love and finances, we are going to shed some light
on this planet.  Thats why the best psychic readings also incorporates other tools including tarot, astrology, runes and more.

Since Venus has been retrograde for close to 4 weeks and about to turn direct
in a few days, I want to share with you love life positions in the chart.

The Moon in your horoscope chart represents your emotional needs.  It reveals
everything you need in order to be pleased.  This includes emotional urges
complied for your love needs to be fulfilling.
Whereas Venus shows what pleases you and Mars shows how you want to please
others.  This applies to love and sex.

The aspects each of these planets make to the rest the chart, the zodiac sign
they are in, and the house position give more details.

For example, Venus in Pisces may find pleasure in romantic and unconditional
love; whereas Venus in Aquarius find pleasure in independence, autonomy and
detachment.  A first house Venus may be viewed as a very attractive person and
attract partners instantly.  Whereas a 12th house Venus may be more
private about love matters and prefer it to be kept a secret.

Sometimes these 2 planets in aspect with each other can give a lot of
insights into a person’s love life.  It is very common that Venus in harmonious
aspects with Mars will draw s relationships and a harmonious sex life very
easily.  Difficult aspects may result in constant conflicts.  For example, I
know an individual with an exact aspect to Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius
known as a square.  The individual only has finds pleasure in deep desires that
result in all or nothing from a partner.  The demands can be quite high.  Yet
the way that is expressed is cool and freedom oriented and rebellious via the
Aquarius that Mars is in.  The result is ongoing fighting.  That individual has
many learning lessons to encounter.  Surely by looking at the other aspects in
the chart as well the house position makes a difference.

Equally important, every chart progresses and receives new cycles.  That
simply means if you weren’t born with an aspect to either of these planets, we
can easily detect when the planet will be getting some activity, what that
activity will be, and the dates of that activity.  So if an individual will have
progressed Venus cross the Ascendant,  a serious change in a person’s life will
be happening.  The result can be filled with popularity, love coming from
everywhere, and certainly a change within the physical appearance.

The next important area to factor in for love life is the 7th
house.  The sign on the cusp of the house will demonstrate how one pursues a
relationship.  Surely with Aries on the cusp, it will pursued with bravery,
courage, and enthusiasm.  On the flip side one can also pursue relationships in
a rush and has to guard jumping into situations too early.  The irony about that
is that regardless of the zodiac Sun sign one is born with, it explains in
detail just exactly your relationship energy.  Surely this changes over time via

Next, planets in the 7th house and the ruler of the 7th
house position and its aspects demonstrate the type of people you draw.  Do you
have Neptune in aspect to any of these planets?  That can surely draw an artist,
poet, musician, doctor or a drug dealer.  Surely incorporating the rest of the
chart and factoring in the client’s background and upbringing play a role with
all this.

When getting  psychic readings on our network, be prepared to only receiving the highest quality!

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