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Difference between Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Mediumship


As a professional psychic consultant for over 15 years and a channel/author of several books and psychic development courses, I have had many lessons regarding the dynamics of psychic phenomena; many experiences from which to draw wisdom. People have asked me over time what might be the difference between the process of channeling, that of clairvoyance, and the art of mediumship. I often use all three modalities of communication when I do readings and/or compose written and audio material. A great deal of sophistication and refinement goes into doing any of these types of world service works well. I honor all those in this psychic profession that perfect the craft on an ongoing basis

 Channeling is a process of stepping back from personal consciousness and allowing energy sources of higher consciousness to come through with threads of thought communication. Thought is energy vibration and cloaked in etheric semblances of form. Information is not solid form, but it is close to form. When we question our reality, a process of channeling can allow information of a higher nature to come through to provide direction and answers. When I channel, I put my own voices on hold. You might say that I enter an altered state of mind, and allow seemingly other-worldly information to come through to be verbalized as I receive it to my client or public audience. Channeling works well to get in touch with messages from your angels, high level guides, extraterrestrial sources, and the Masters.

 Clairvoyance (within this I include the senses of clairaudience, telekinesis, etc, anything that is sensually felt by the person reading) in my experience is the process of receiving information that is sensed with the so-called sixth sense. It is developed to the point that all of the symbols, verbal messages heard, and other sens at information is most likely relevant to the client and can actually be activated in their lives. Ask a clairvoyant anything that is immediate in your life. These messages often give very practical advice, easy to understand and practice. The mass consciousness is becoming more clairvoyant at this time. This is resulting in more people understanding and using intuition and psychic abilities in their everyday lives.

 Mediumship is an intricate, skilled art that has the reader tapping into the fourth dimensional spirit world. It is a craft that Spiritualists have used throughout history to help others have comfort and peace in their lives. This information can come from deceased loved ones, experts who have crossed over that have stayed to share what they have learned, and prophets of the past who come back to the spirit world to impart wisdom. Contacting those spirits from the other side of this dimension can be an enlightening experience and offer healing like no other type of psychic counsel can.

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