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Will Smith – Moon in Scorpio Control Issues

Will Smith
Will Smith Natal Astrology Chart

In part 1, we discussed the planets Will Smith had at the time of the Oscars. Now, we are going to review his natal chart in more detail. Natal analysis always precedes forecasting because the natal promise defines prospects. However, to get this out, I juxtaposed the series for educational purposes. 

 Will Smith is a Libra with Gemini Rising and a Scorpio Moon

The chart ruler, purpose, Mercury in Gemini rising is striving to communicate the effects/result of emotions (6th house) with peace, diplomacy, and kindness (Mercury in Libra.)  Saturn opposing these positions will require navigating through many fears, worries, doubts, behind scenes responsibilities with balance.  The emotional life is reactive, intense, controlling, and may jump to conclusions (Moon in Scorpio.)

The highest achievement in this lifetime (MC) is uniqueness and freedom (Aquarius.)  Freeing up is required.  More specifically, emotional liberation will be tested. 

The Sun in Libra in this chart has the purpose to shine in enjoyment, children, creative forces, and balance in the way the emotional expression is released.

As a side note, in the millions of charts I’ve examined, more than 60% of actors have Venus and Saturn, Saturn and Neptune, and Venus and Neptune in Aspect. Smith has this placement. 

When blending the Smith’s Ascendant in Gemini, this can serve as a teaching force for children in a humanitarian way. Perhaps someday this will come to fruition. 

The Moon in Scorpio has more themes around controlling based on the aspects it makes to other planets.  Control backfires in this chart as Saturn will require ongoing adapting, adjusting, compromising, and giving in leaving the person feeling uncomfortable.

The Moon and Saturn are in fall positions in the chart.  Also, Jupiter is in detriment position.  These positions often require a person settle for less than optimal results after hard work.  Yet, Venus is in its ruling position making Smith charismatic, charming, likable, and artistic.  Planets in their rulership manifest results easier in achievement.  When a combination of planets in strife and other planets in dignity, maintaining results is where hard work is required.  Often, it is this level of excruciating work that becomes emotionally draining. 

Will Smith Declinations Hidden Gems

As mentioned a few weeks ago, Declinations often get overlooked.  These aspects are formed by latitude instead of traditional longitude aspects. 

Neptune Parallel the MC brings in strong artistic and intuitive ability.  Work in the arts is confirmed.  Also, it can generate an absent parental figure.  This is confirmed by the father abandoning the family.

Pluto Contra-parallel the MC will require one parent to dominate the family rigid and highly controlled behavior is in place to maintain equilibrium.  The Moon in Scorpio can make the mother domineering.  Since the moon has conjunction to Neptune, I wonder if religion was used as a weapon growing up.

Ascendant Contra-parallel the Moon brings support from women and the public.  The mother becomes the strong central figure. Sometimes the mother becomes high maintenance whereby she controls the native’s life.

Venus Contra-parallels Mars can accentuate one’s swag meter as others will find the native irresistible.  The sexual libido is intensified for natives with this element.  When combined with the ruler of Venus in the ruling position, this is further strengthened.

Will Smith
Will Smith 90 Degree Uranian Chart

90 Degree Dial

When we plot Smith’s planets along the 90 degree dial, more details become visible.  Planets on the Aries point are visible to the world at large.  These points are degrees of 0 and 22.5 cardinal, 15 fixed, and 7.50 Mutable.  Smith has the combination of Chiron, Uranus, Saturn, and, MC, and Ascendant on these points.  The potential to influence a revolution healing from emotional wounds is indicated.  More than likely, this will get offset by the birth of a grandchild.  This seems relatively soon within the next year. 

Will Smith
Will Smith Hellenistic Chart

Hellenistic Wheel

Planets will shift houses as the house system used in Hellenistic Astrology is Whole Signs.  In Smith’s chart, Saturn moves to the 11th and Mercury and Venus shift over to the end of the 5th house in the Hellenistic chart. This leaves the 6th house with only the Moon.  The mother shows up as hard working, intensive, and commanding.  Emotional drama in childhood was likely in daily chores.  Leaving a dirty plate in the sink would have resulted in beating, shaming, violence, and/or humiliation. 


There are more aspects that can be analyzed.  However, to keep this a short article, the biggest theme that jumps out in this chart is the Moon in Scorpio and the aspects it makes. Themes around  control and domination are strong in this chart.  Jupiter and Pluto in aspect within this chart amplify these themes too. Also, the emotionally dramatic household Smith was  raised in are shown with Mars in the 4th house square the Ascendant.  This can bring up a parent with severe anger and control issues.  Undoing much of that emotional influence to reach liberation and healthy detachment (Aquarius MC) stands out.  Currently with Transiting Saturn traveling through this position, learning lessons surrounding this will come to the forefront.

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