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Tarot Decks

Tarot Reading

There are hundreds of different Tarot Decks to choose from. The artwork on the decks range from Angels to Animals from Middle Ages to the Millennium.

The interest you feel for a certain deck comes as much from the artwork as it does from how the deck makes you feel when you hold it. A favored deck evolves your favorite because it expresses to something deep in your inner being. When you pick it up it just feels right and comfortable.

For a beginner the best deck is the Rider Waite or any Waite-Smith deck. There are many books written about these decks. It is easy to find out information about using these decks.

When you finally choose your deck, you should shuffle and mix the cards until they feel ready for use. At first the cards will feel stiff and cold. As the cards pick up your energy they will feel more pliable and warm. You will feel a connection to the cards. At this point you may begin to feel they will talk to you.

Taking care of your cards is very important. The traditional method is to wrap your deck in a natural cloth, bag, or wooden box. Silk or cotton is the favored cloth to use. Bags of velvet or satin are often used. They can be plain or decorated with embroidery or hand painted. You can use decorated or plain wooden boxes, decorated tin containers, or even the paper package it came in.

In point of fact, it really doesn’t matter. One reader may use the traditional method of wrapping their cards or keeping them in bags or boxes. Another reader may scatter decks all over the house held together in just a rubber band or tied with a shoe lace. It is the energy connection with the cards that is important.

A collector of Tarot Cards needs to keep the original packaging with the cards. Without the booklet and package the deck isn’t as valuable.

Many readers use a ritual before doing a reading with their cards. This, like most things that are connected with Tarot is a matter of personal choice. Some will do little more than clear their mind and focus on the task at hand. Others may light candles, light incense, meditate and/or pray. Again, what ever works for you and makes you comfortable and able to tune into your abilities is fine.

When your cards are being used often, they tend to become harder to read. The energies seem to get jumbled. When this happens you can clear your cards. One way to do this is to put your cards in their original order. Start with the majors and put them in numerical order. Follow these cards by putting each suit in numerical order arranged from ace to king. Shuffle the deck just as you would if it was new.

Other ways to clear decks are using crystals. Many feel that placing a quartz crystal on top of your deck in between readings will absorb what ever vibrations are left from the prior reading. The crystals need cleansing themselves periodically. This is done by placing them in a bath of sea salt and warm water. They should be dried in the open air or in a sunny spot where the suns rays can recharge them. Native Americans use the smoke of burning sage or cedar to clear their decks. If you cant find cedar you can use rosemary or sage in a fire proof bowl or dish. Just pass the deck or crystal through the smoke several times.

If you are in a hurry you can just use a different deck until you can clear the deck you have been using.

When your deck becomes ragged and torn and needs to be replaced there are a couple of ways to do this. One is to buy a new deck and start over with it. Another way is to buy a new deck exactly like your old one. Slowly replace a few of the worn cards with the new ones. Just do a few at a time. When they fit into your deck comfortably start replacing a few others. Eventually you will have replaced the whole deck without having to really spend a lot of time getting used to a whole new deck.

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