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Astrology Mercury Conjunct Mars

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In Astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication. It governs journalists, newspapers, writers, teachers, education, students, and discussions.

Mars is the planet of quarrels, conflicts, brutality, missiles, bombs, guns, war, altercations, combativeness, instigation, vindication, attack, police, military, manufacturing, accidents, and fires.

These 2 planets are in alignment this weekend. This aspect lasts for a 24-hour window. Since Mercury is retrograde, it will last a little longer. Until Mercury moves past the degree of this aspect, the effects are valid for 8 days. It can likely take a few days for it to become apparent because of the retrograde. Not only is it likely this event will stir controversy, but also, it takes a few days for it to come out of being incognito.

Mercury conjunct Mars occurs can occur up twice a year. However, it was in the same position as the solar eclipse a few days ago. That signals a well-publicized event to take to the place where Mars destroys a Mercurial representative, institution, location, etc.

The effects of a solar eclipse last until the next eclipse; that is typically 6 month period.

Mercury and Mars combinations can be speedy to jump into action by exercising the “act now think later mentality.” It may not think of consequences in the big picture.

Donald Trump Astrology

There could be some discovery that within the Trump administration, someone did something hidden that sparks controversy a few days later. Surely since Trump has these 2 planets and eclipse over his Ascendant. Too, it is likely he will be in the news a lot in the next few days as well.

Melania Trump – Astrology

At the same time, this pile-up is over Melania Trump’s Venus. So there could be some information regarding a dispute she had with no other than her husband. Information about their marriage could leak into the press.

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