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Astrology vs Psychics in Readings

Astrology versus Psychic Reading

Some accept if a reading includes Astrology, it may provide either general Sun sign compatibility news, too many technological details, or avoid the question at hand.

I believe a reading should not be bombarded with technical information. I hold the same opinion when a reader uses Tarot. Informing me that the specific card showed up and it was between another card meant _, sounds more like a class instead of a reading. I want a clear and direct answer.

Regardless of the tools used, I apply this ideology to my readings. I avoid getting technical because that would make the session sound more like a class. Sure, if a client would like to know the technical information, I am glad to give it. I keep the technical information that came up to myself and translated my findings into concrete answers in everyday language. These specific answers contain the purpose of a time, what course of action to take under a conflict, yes/no answers, timing, feelings, ideas, thoughts, and more.

When clients ask, “How is he feeling?” “When is he going to call?” “Is this relationship going to work out?” “When am I going to meet someone?” “Should I find a new job?”Etc, they want answers. The last thing they want to hear is that X planet has an aspect to Y planet. The technical delineation is not necessary. I believe in keeping things simple. However, I apply depth to the simplicity containing a purpose.

There are tools within Astrology that are used to get answers to precise questions that don’t require the person’s date of birth, time of birth, or place of birth. This is why this tool works. My motto is, “If the tool doesn’t work when I use it for myself, then I would be continuing to hunt for something that does work.”

Every reader has her/his own strongest points and limitations. I avoid doing missing objects and missing people readings. Though I have a technique for it, I refer people to seek another reader on the network that has a stronger specialty in that area. However, the nitty-gritty details about time frames, relationship chemistry, and timing purposes of carrying out a project I will do quickly.

Some clients may have experienced a reader using a blend of tools and possibly gave a brief Sun sign description. I believe that does little service because we are more than just a Sun sign. At the same time, we are the sum of many planets and aspects. To isolate only one part out of many parts neglects the equally important parts. For this very reason, I keep it simple and leave scientific information out. I believe in giving answers and guidance to the subject inquired. Sometimes it is a matter of permeating below a surface to find a hidden meaning.

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