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Shopping Warning- Mercury Retrograde – Black Friday!

Mercury RX

The most major shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just near the corner. Yikes!!! Unfortunately, we are underneath a Mercury Retrograde until Dec 6th.

Under this period, shopping is not recommended. Mercury rules information. So purchasing items during this period may result in items that have been processed with glitches or damages.

Steer clear of purchasing any high ticket items, communication devices, and electronics. Regardless of how well priced, the item can be, you will find a much better deal after the retrograde.

Other Mercury issues that surface includes: sales representatives are giving the wrong information, parking problems, unclear thinking patterns, and ambivalence.

On the flip side, I lived across the street from a store that was closing. I timed precisely when to enter to have it favor me. It was their last day of staying in business. I entered the store 6 minutes before the time I calculated. Within the 6th minute, an announcement was made that everything has been marked 50% off. I smiled and purchased what I needed. The checkout line was out of control.

Therefore, a more favorable day to get better pricing deals will be on Dec 11-13th.

For merchants subjected to return’s, expect the lineup to be extremely long this year as items purchased on a Retrograde Mercury are usually returned. So for smaller shops, it is advisable to time-manage properly after the holidays are over. Merchants generated betters sales by placing items for sale during Dec 11-13th.

However, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shopping is not recommended.

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