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Everyone has a 2nd Birthday-Jada

Everyone has a 2nd birthday. That other birthday is the measure the Sun held at birth to the current position it progressed by age. Every year the Sun moves closer to 1 degree. This method is used in Secondary Progression, Solar Arc Directions, and Secondary Solar Returns. Jada Pinkett Smith’s chart will be used for example purposes. 

The moment the Sun enters the exact position of the Secondary progressed Sun (15 Scorpio), is an additional Solar Return that will give insights for the year ahead based on her current progressions cast for November 7, 2021.  Each year as the Secondary progressed sun moves forward (aging by one year) and will move the 2nd birthday by a day.  So, in 2022, her 2nd birthday will be November 8.


When we examine Jada’s progressions, she has a few major aspects taking place.  Currently, Progressed Venus is on the Ascendant.  Love, beauty and the arts are emphasized.

This placement is for visibility and getting noticed.  The condition of the Ascendant is just as important.  The Natal ruler has Jupiter on the Ascendant which can increase social awareness and publicity.  Jupiter is also aspected to Neptune which can bring inspiration, arts, and secrets to the surface.

When a planet enters an angle, there is a change in course of action and destiny.  For over 20 years, progressed Venus was in the 12th house making her life more private. 

Also, progressed Mercury is about to cross this placement.  The problem is that Mercury is in the sign that rules detriment, Sagittarius.  Since Mercury rules the 7th house (partner) and the MC (career) there is much-exaggerated publicity around her relationship with Will Smith that will be surfacing in the media.  This publicity may escalate and bring out extremely personal matters that can create a level of discomfort.  Whenever Mercury crosses the Ascendant, expect an enormous amount of communication (phone/email, etc) to increase.  However, magnified by the condition of the natal Ascendant denotes the style that communication is delivered. 


The traditional Solar Return demonstrates all her angles coming back to the natal position it held.  This usually happens at age 33.

Depending on how far one is from the birthplace, it can happen again between the ages of 50-and 51.  This solar return has Venus square Saturn opposite Uranus.

There is an emphasis on surprises, shocking media exposure, fear, and hard work in damage control.

The partnership seems a bit turbulent as the ruler of the chart, Mercury, is in an exact quincunx to Neptune.  This will bring confusion in relationships as well as adjusting, adapting, and sacrificing.  There is an emphasis on 3rd house activity which brings more communication.


The 2nd birthday Solar Return demonstrates a lot of communication (confirmed by Mercury on the Ascendant) and has another emphasis on 3rd house activity, emphasizing communication.

Yet, this communication is revealing because it’s in secretive Scorpio.  Communication leakage to the press may become an invasion of privacy.

Also, this 2nd birth Solar Return has the Moon Square Neptune describing the emotional state of the partner, Will.   In turn, this has a strain on the marriage.

These next few months appear to be rather challenging in terms of the publicity around her husband’s public slapping of Chris Rock. 

In viewing the hierarchy of prevailing aspects in the year to come, based on the upcoming aspects within the next 2 years Venus will make to Saturn, it seems that continuing the marriage to Will Smith may become difficult.  Could this bring about separation?   Saturn in the 7th house is about responsibility and hard work.  The true question would be if she had the desire to invest in making the hard work and sacrifice required to make it work.  Without hard work, it has very little chance of surviving.

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