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Spirit Guides


Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels is a spirit being that help us on our journey through life. They know the outcomes of our choices. Spirit Guides may give us warnings and may be responsible for strange concurrencies that seem to shield us from detriment. A guide will often lead through the Socratic method, rather than direct transmission. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are not cosmic nurses. They are not a substitute for the Ultimate Divine. These entities are here to help us learn, but the burden of decision is always on us. 

 The spiritual experience of The Vision of your Holy Guardian Angel is associated with the sphere of Malkuth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This is the sphere of the element of Earth and represents our plane of existence. Malkuth is a reflection of the top of the Tree of Life, Kether. Kether represents the highest form of the Divine. The best analogy for the way Kether and Malkuth are united is in the way all shades of light shining together make white, and all shades of pigment mixed make black. Malkuth is the black paint.

 We need the assistance of our Spirit Guide, in order to progress up the paths to higher spheres, like Kether, on the Tree of Life. However, It is only in traveling down the path towards Malkuth that we are able to attain the glimpse of our Guardian. Since we start in Malkuth, it is difficult to understand how we can leave the elemental plane to venture out a moment and come back.

 To understand this mystery we must look at the symbolism surrounding the 32nd path, and the spheres it links, Malkuth and Yesod. The 32nd path on the Tree of Life is associated with the Universe card of the Tarot, which represents perfection and completion on both the divine and material plane. Yesod is the sphere of Foundation. The celestial body associated with it is the Moon. Astrologically, the Moon controls our emotions and unconscious habits. Cosmologists believe that the Moon was created when a Mars sized object struck the Earth. The Earth was still in a molten phase and a large blob of liquid rock bubbled off to form our Moon. The Moon’s proximity and relative size to Earth, are key components to life being possible here. It is rare to see planets with moons like ours the right distance from the sun. The information about the Moon’s creation is sort of a literal interpretation of what happens to our minds. Conflicts (Mars) cause our minds to break off into space. It is only by coming down from our emotions and unconscious habits that we are grounded enough to hear, understand and trust our Holy Guardian Angel’s messages. Remembering the Moon’s importance we must never lose sight of our emotions, and seek to understand our unconscious.

 This balance between the spheres is the secret to our first step towards enlightenment. Our Spirit Guide leads us on our journey.

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