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Tarot Cards Readings & Psychic Tools History

Tarot Cards

Many Psychic readers use Tarot Cards. The first Tarot decks are thought to date around to early 15th century Italy. These earlier decks were hand-painted decks of “playing cards”. Hand-painted cards were expensive, and available for the most part, only to the affluent upper classes. It was not until the creation of the printing press that the decks became available to the masses.

In the mid 18th century these decks started to be used for divination, or fortune-telling. The decks are made up of twenty-two major arcana cards, and fifty-six suited cards, which are divided into fourteen cards each, ten numbered cards and four court cards.

The twenty-two numbered major arcana cards are, The Fool (0) The Magician (1), The High Priestess (2), The Empress (3), The Emperor (4), The Hierophant (5), The Lovers (6), The Chariot (7), Strength(8), The Hermit (9), The Wheel Of Fortune (10), Justice (11), The Hanged Man (12), Death (13), Temperance (14), The Devil (15), The Tower (16), The Star (17), The Moon (18), The Sun (19), Judgment (20) The World (21),

Tarot cards are different from oracle cards and we will get into that later. Let’s begin with an overview explanation of the major arcana cards and a more in-depth explanation of the court cards. The major arcana cards symbolize profound, deep life lessons or life stages. When a major arcana card or cards appear in a reading, it suggests more than a step in one’s life, but a meaningful life lesson.

The suited cards are divided into four categories. Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords. Cups are connected to the water element, love, relationships, and feelings/emotions. Wands are connected to the fire element, creativity, drive, passion, innovation, and motivation. Pentacles are connected to the Earth element, money, abundance, success, work, responsibilities, business, daily activities in the outside world. Swords are connected to the Air element, the mind, intellect, thought, worry, mental analysis, and ideas.

There are four court cards for each suit. Kings, queens, knights, and pages. The king of cups represents a male or masculine person, who is emotional, artistic or musical, secretive, and who tends to be in touch with their emotions. The queen of cups represents a female or feminine person who is emotional, intuitive, sexual, artistic or musical, secretive, and deeply feeling. The Knight of cups represents an overall feeling of romance, drive for a romantic relationship, and feelings of being in love with life, romance, arts, and music. The page of cups represents the initial twinge of romance or an open heart and willingness to love or find romance.

The king of wands represents a male or masculine person who is passionate, optimistic, warm, enthusiastic, trustworthy, loyal, impulsive, supportive, and motivated warmly and attractively. The queen of wands represents a female or feminine person who is warm, passionate, loyal, trustworthy, honest, faithful, loving, excited, enthusiastic, and motivated. The Knight of wands represents travel, movement, excitement for a creative project, progress towards a plan. The page of wands represents the initial concept of an original idea or project.

The King of Pentacles represents a male or masculine person who is financially secure or wealthy, good at business, good with worldly affairs, owns property or businesses. He is a good provider, family-oriented, nurturing and kind, loves food and gardens. The queen of pentacles represents a female or feminine person who has good self-esteem, self-appreciation, dignity, integrity, is nurturing. She loves to cook or creates a comfortable home environment. The Knight of Pentacles represents the energy to do daily tasks with joy and a sense of value. The Knight of pentacles represents a work ethic and a job well done, with care and pride, or movement towards these things. The Page of pentacles represents the initial start or new beginning of a work or material world project.

The King of swords represents a male or masculine person who is identified in their mind and with intellect. This person would be educated or well-read. Fair-minded, and motivated by judgment and rational thought. The Queen of swords represents a female or feminine person who is not driven by emotion but motivated by rational thought, fairness, justice, humanitarian concerns and how to implement an ideology. The king and queen of swords hold our highest ideals, and see the world not as it is, but as it could be. The Knight of Swords represents mental restlessness, a desire to move forward, impatience, frustration, and a feeling of being held back. The page of swords describes the very first seeds of a new way of thinking, or new ideas and attitudes.

The numbered cards correspond to their element, their number, and their meanings are unique to each card. We will explore the numbered cards in the next article. This is just the beginning as we journey deeper into our understanding of the Tarot.

You will find that most psychic advisors enjoy the Tarot for its’ rich imagery.

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