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Harvey Weinstein Part 4 Forecasting Munich Rhythms Astrology

WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein‘s chart continues to get diagnosed. There’s a non-traditional form of Astrology called Munich Rhythms. Wolfgang Doebriner pioneered it. The texts are out of print and difficult to comprehend as they were transcribed from classes in German and then translated word for word to English. There are many windy moments and run-on sentences. Getting through the book demands tolerance and grit.

The premises of Doebriner’s natal interpretation I will cover at another point.  However, the forecasting technique is fascinating.  It is a beautiful confirmation of Western Astrology.  Within any Astrological method, the more validation is visible, and the more likely the event is to take place.

In this form of Astrology the houses are “released” during specific age periods in 7-year increments as follows:

12th House (age 1-7), 11th House (age 7-14), 10th House (age 14-21), 9th House (age 21-28), 8th House (age 28-35), 7th House (age 35-42), 6th House (age 42-49), 5th House (age 49-56), 4th House (age 56-63), 3rd House (age 63-70), 2nd House (age 70-77), 1st House (age 77-84).  If the person lives past 84 years of age, the cycles re-start going through the 12th house in 7-year increments.

Then one mathematically calculates the precision of when within the specific 7 year period the ruling planet, placement, and aspects it makes will be in effect.

In the example of Harvey Weinstein, he is in the 3rd house release as he is currently 65 ½ years old.  In looking at his rectified chart, natal Moon is triggered.  The Moon is often the public, women, nurturance, support, family, and real estate.  However, the problem is that the opposition to Uranus in the 9th of legal matters will make scandals super magnified.  Therefore expect this current scandal to grow.

The 2 squares the opposition makes to Saturn in the 12th and Mercury in the 6th will bring about learning lessons and revelations of secrets that can be exposed.  Since Mercury involved, there will be a lot of press around this too.  In other words, this is going to be a heavy period where there will be a chain of many events.

Since this is a rectified chart that was mathematically calculated by using basic astrology, it adds more confirmation to the validity of his birth time being 7:56 pm.  If the birth time is slightly off, Harvey has to have Libra as his rising sign because of the release of this configuration.  In other words, the Moon still has to be in the 3rd house.  So this rectified time could have a minus 30-45 minutes of birth.  However, I’m still going out on a limb and state the time of birth is very close to 7:56 pm.

Finally, with all the Astrological information we have gathered thus far, the following periods will have development in legal action.  Surely this can go to trial, and he does have a strong likelihood to be imprisonment.  These periods are December 3 – December 31, 2017, April 1, 2018-May 15, 2018, and December 2-December 31, 2018.

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