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Most cartomancers consent there aren’t any “negative” tarot cards in the Tarot. Even ones that make worry seekers like Death or The Tower aren’t bad. That’s because universal guides send messages through the cards to encourage you to take an active role regarding your life questions—and that’s always positive. 

But if anything could be called negative, this year sure qualified! In fact, if we could add another card to the deck to represent 2020, it’d have to be major Arcana card XXIII: “Dumpster Fire.”

So let’s clear out that crummy 2020 energy by using the wondrous Tarot to look ahead at 2021. The most in-depth and fun way is for your psychic to do a “Zodiac spread” for the year.

Of course, everybody knows what the zodiac is. It’s the 12 astrological signs (“houses”) like Aquarius and Scorpio. As you would expect, the Zodiac spread uses 12 cards, one for each house. You ask a question and each card that comes out addresses a different aspect of the answer based on the house where it falls, starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. It’s a great way to get a really deep picture.

But for seekers who want to know how about the next year, whether in general or about their love life or career or health or any other specific area or question during that time frame, I lay out 12 cards just as in the Zodiac spread … but for 12 months instead of 12 signs.

Rather than the “Aries” aspect of an answer (which is “Identity,” by the way). The first card that comes up now represents January, in particular how itwill be regarding your life and question (or in general) as things stand now. But REMEMBER: As with any divinatory message, YOU are in the driver’s seat at all times. If you don’t like anything that’s predicted, the universe is showing you this possible future to empower you to do something about it! For this reason, I recommend getting this 12-card reading no more often than every three months. Give your actions time to bear fruit before checking back in with another “year ahead” reading.

Moving on, the second card to come up is about what to expect in February, the third about March, and so on. Some readers include a thirteenth card to sum up the year as a whole. Others first shuffle just the court cards and choose one at random to represent the seeker before shuffling the rest of the deck (with the other court cards) to do the actual reading. Any reader should be happy to do it or not do it according to your wishes. You need only let them know if you want this extra card laid out or not. It won’t make any different to the 12 cards of the actual reading other than that court card not being available.

What does 2021 have in store for you? Get a “year ahead” reading to find out!

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