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Tarot Reading Standouts


The Tarot has been around for hundreds of years and is both an art and a science. We will concentrate on the specific definitions of the cards that stand out in a Tarot Reading.

Death Card:  One of the most daunting cards! People mistaken it for physical death, when in fact, it represents endings of situations or relationships. It also represents re-birth and regeneration of the soul.

The Queen of Coins indicates financial gains and security through a woman. She is depicted as a generous benefactor, someone that can help someone secure a loan from a bank, an inheritance, or generous lady that readily bestows financial favors on loved ones.

The King of Coins also represents this except the benefactor is a male energy instead.

Justice represents all legal matters. If the card faces away from the reader it means legal difficulties to overcome, but if the card is facing the reader it foretells a favorable outcome.

Swords always represent adversity. The King or Queen of Swords indicates an argumentative type of individual, a bully if you will and needs to be avoided at all costs.

Wands represent hope and security and happy results when in conjunction with the rest of the card spread. Gives extra happiness and spiritual awareness.

The Chariot represents journeys and if the card is facing the reader, it is a good time to travel, but if the card is facing OPPOSITE to the reader or upside down, it shows that traveling would be best avoided in the immediate future.

The Fool indicates a person of capricious nature, can be male or female, but is someone that cannot be trusted.

Wheel of Fortune is a very LUCKY card and it represents victory in virtually all endeavors. If the card is facing the reader, it means instant gratification, but if the card is opposite it means there will be a slight delay in achieving good things.

Hanged Man shows that the person is responsible for their own predicament and can often be their own worst enemy.

The Magician is always CLEVER and will be able to have the fortitude to get themselves out of any tight situations. Will be able to rectify past problems as well.

The Tower represents the home life and family, if facing towards the reader, means problems will be resolved, if opposite, this usually means a divorce or some sort of chaos that forces a person to change their lifestyle, job and or relationships.

The Sun bestows many blessings and success in areas connected to the Major Arcana spread. Once again, if the Sun is facing the reader, immediate gratification, but if opposite, some delays but still wonderful outcome

The Devil is an individual male or female that has ulterior motives. Deception and someone with evil intent that is to be avoided at all costs as well.

The Lovers represent spiritual harmony and a lifetime of continued romance. If it faces the reader, immediate results, but if opposite, it means love will have to wait a little bit.

Lastly, the WORLD indicates that victory and conquest in all matters. Lucky is the client that finds this gem in their deck.

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