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Mercury Rx Part 2

Mercury Rx
Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Rx Part 2: Like any planet, glancing at the sign it is in helps clarify how that planet functions. In a person’s chart, it is equally necessary to consider the location the planet is in. Is it in the love sector? Is it in the occupation sector? Or is it someplace else? That defines how the current planet is affecting the individual.

 Currently, this retrograde Mercury is in the sign of Pisces. This type of thinking is categorized as poetic, reflective, and dreamy. A Mercury Retrograde can make a person think on a deeper level. Often, one can re-think things through. Exploring emotions and developing deep empathy are possible and intuitive.

 Interestingly, Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Bill Wilson when Mercury was Retrograde in another water sign. Though the nature of a 12 step program is about getting sober, getting down to the core of one’s feelings and tracing one’s roots as to how they got to feel about people, places, and things is magnified. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces can be used for the same thing.

 More importantly, since Pisces also rules addiction, the current retrograde can be used as a period of examining sobriety.

 Surely this is not a “bad” period. There are many positive uses for this, such as reviewing old ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc.…As usual, many blame this for delays in communications, articles getting lost, etc.. However, with any energy, it is essential also to know the positive use. Retrograde Mercury is a beautiful time to re-read a book, review materials that you previously learned or re-investigate matters. Often one will have a new perspective on it. Usually, if one didn’t understand a subject, re-exploring it on a retrograde can help one appreciate it better.

 There are some peak dates that one should be careful with communication devices and technology: March 14-March 16 as Mercury will be squared to Jupiter. There can be many misunderstandings and stumbling blocks in functionality. It is strongly advised not to hold any important business meetings or do any device upgrade during that 48-hour window.

This point in time is unique and purposeful. The current period we are in is only descriptive of the energies. You can turn them around to make them better. It is a matter of knowing how to do so.

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