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Neptune-Saturn- Dreams Come True

From Now till February 14, June 1-July 3, October 27-November 19, Saturn will be sextile Neptune. This is a powerful combination for mixing discipline with visions. It is the energy of a disciplined artist. Disciplining inspiration will lead to recognition. There can be profits from Spirituality. This can make your dreams come true with hard work. Though Saturn defines limitations, the unlimited can be set loose. Spiritually, it can help cultivate a more in-depth insight into goals and how they tie into the broader spectrum.

This is also a powerful cycle for the wisdom of a sage. Self-discipline, mixed with sacrifice, does bring results.

This is an active period for the stock market in terms of oil investments and legal investments. Charities can thrive under this period, which includes animal rights, environmental causes, churches, religious groups, spiritual groups, and more. Often, one may be drawn to these places.

When the energy is inspected for each planet, one can certify that it is a great time to start a new business and make a business plan. It is also a great time to undergo a Neptune activity. That can include an art class or creative endeavor of any kind.

There can be some brilliant pieces of art that can hit the media during these periods. Artistic recognition of someone prominent will be in the public eye, as well. This can also be the popularity of a film, book, or television series. There is also the possibility of a spiritual impact.

For those looking to re-balance financial portfolios, it is a great time to look into oil, gasoline, perfume, cosmetics, dental, chiropractic, medical, health, marine (including equipment), and seafood investments.

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