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 For some practitioners, the fancy images displayed in the many variations of tarot decks available now-a-days seem to detract from the basic messages. For such readers, a back to basics method that has been used throughout the years by gypsies includes something most people have in their homes. It is a deck of ordinary playing cards, which can be used to perform something akin to tarot readings, but not exactly the same. 

Now, wait a minute, a tarot deck has 78 cards, and playing decks have only 52 cards. The major difference is that the reading will occur without most of the major arcana, except for the joker, where he signifies the fool. The cards themselves are mostly relational in their meaning, which is similar to tarot readings.

One reason readers may prefer playing cards is for those who have to live in some degree of obscurity, who want to hide their art in plain sight. After all, most people might just as well assume that anyone with a playing deck is just setting up a game of solitaire, or maybe that they like black jack or poker. For many, though, it is not that they want to necessarily cloak their practice, but rather deflect the energy of people who seem to suddenly be attracted to the reader, as in inviting in disruptions to a reading. So, this method also allows for some degree of peace and quiet, because the energy somehow maintains more obscurity for the reader, because it is less likely to pique people’s curiosity.

The last thing anyone needs during a reading are interruptions. The idea is to forget about the body, and enter the spiritual realm through the tools of divinity that allow the clearest channel of information. For some professionals, it is a traditional Rider-Waite deck, and for other professionals, holding their favorite gemstone gets them in the flow. As with the tarot decks, the minor arcana suits are as follow, with the pentacles being signified by diamonds; the wands depicted by the clubs; the cups shown through the hearts; and the swords signified through the spades. The jacks play a two-fold role of both the knight and the page.

For the same reason it may actually be a great way for new readers to get a “feel” for the meaning of each card as well. The reason is that there are no standard pictures that show images of what each card may mean. Some readers actually prefer a regular playing deck for this reason. Many are channeling as they throw down a spread, and simply having the card and its energy is sufficient, without really seeing what plays out based on what appears on the card.

Add to this that they have the relationship between the card’s number and their positional meaning, combined with the suit, put together in a spread, and it tells the whole story. It makes an image that the reader may receive intuitively or through their channel come alive fully.

Lets see what the cards have in store for you!

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