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Psychic Reading Divine Overide

Psychic Reading

Have you ever had a psychic reading, and the answer to your question, had nothing to do with your question? You could have been talking about some situation at work and suddenly the psychic is talking about someone in your family. Or, you might have been asking about a situation with a friend, and suddenly your own personal health issues are brought up.   Even more confusing and/or frustrating is that the messages you are receiving are all true, they’re just not what you wanted to know. 

Most of the time, when you connect with a psychic to talk about a topic, he or she has no problem going straight to the issue. Sometimes though, a reading seems to have a life of its own, and you find yourself wondering if the connection you’ve made with your psychic is a good one. However confusing or even frustrating as it may seem, these are the times when your connection is the strongest, and they are also the times to listen with utmost care.

Divine or Karmic Override most often occurs when your personal focus is locked onto the wrong target. All of us are guilty of this at one time or another and these are the times when we need a little push back towards the right road. Chances are the road is at the Karmic core of the situation that we wanted to know about, but what we We’re asking was not what we needed to know about. For example, when I was working a highly stressful job years ago, I had many challenges relating with my co-workers.  My responsibilities in the company We’re time sensitive.  If just one person goofed, my job became incredibly difficult. At the hub of a very shaky wheel, my already existing health problems began a downward spiral to the point of almost rendering me incapacitated because I had let my work environment “get me”.   I fought crippling migraine headaches and other types of pain on a daily basis.  More serious health issues became a problem.  

At that time, I did a reading for myself in the hopes that I could get to the core of my problems at work. “Tell me about the situation at work and with my co-workers,” was all I said as I shuffled my cards and laid them out. I expected to see some focus on the possibility of quitting my job or being fired, but what came out was a horse of a different color. Cards that spoke of ill health in both my mind and my body flopped out before me, setting the motion of my vision into a completely different focus than what I had wanted to know. At first, I thought of picking them up and reshuffling, but then I realized that it was a situation of Divine Override and took a deep breath to resume. My focus had indeed been distracted from what I needed to be facing, as my vision continued to pound home the need to take better care of myself. I hadn’t been eating right. I hadn’t been drinking enough water. I hadn’t been sleeping enough.

I hadn’t been taking my medications on time or sometimes not at all. All of these things had stressed my body to such a degree that I had fallen prey to the stress at work as well, magnifying the situation into hypersensitivity.   

 That hypersensitivity led to a more snippy, “put upon” attitude which was infectious to everyone around me, and the more animosity that I put out around me, the more I got back, leading me to neglect my health further. The key was there to making things better, and so I made a conscious effort to make some changes. A few weeks later, having looked after my health better, my physical stress factor decreased so that it was no longer “dis”-stress. With an improved body came an improved mind. With an improved mind came an improved ability to handle the fast pace. An improved ability to handle the pace led to an improved flow to my work, and with an improved flow to my work came an example to everyone else of how easy it can be when we all pulled together.

 It is important to keep an open mind during any reading with a psychic, even when we are faced with messages that appear to have nothing to do with what we are asking. In my personal experience, there have been times when the message was so important that I could not move past it to another topic until my client acknowledged the validity of what was being said. Once acknowledged however, the reading was able to proceed with greater depth, and both of us came away with positive feelings about both the messages and the energy shared.

If you find yourself wondering about a message that doesn’t fit the question asked, take a moment to think more carefully about it. You don’t have to see why the message is so important right away, just take it to heart and think about what the message means at face value. Divine Override is a wake up call that may very well tie into the question asked.

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