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Keeping a clear vision-meditation


Meditation: I like to start my reading day with a good clearing of energy and recharging of energy at my reading table.  Much like jogger limbers up with stretching techniques before actually starting in on his or her run or race, I warm up too.

My essential morning meditation is a visual and breathing meditation. I use a single white candle which I have captured with my most positive energies and light this candle in the middle of my reading table. Once I have darkened the space with only the single candle, I sit in my chair centering myself just in front of the candle. I make sure my posture is good with back straight, feet flat on the floor, and my hands place on each knee. My next stage of my meditation process is silencing the whole outside physical world by gazing at the light of the candle and breathing in through my nose to a count of four and slowly out by my mouth to a count of eight. After a while I feel the warmth and energy of my single light growing, I close my eyes and travel more in-depth into meditation.

I can feel the energy of connection growing and leaving now room for negativity. The visualization with the flame of the candle helps me connect the physical flame with the spiritual or psychic flame or light growing within me.

Starting from my feet and progressing upward through my entire body to the very top of my head I feel the energy of this white flame filling me with awareness, light and opening up my sight. With this calm and open connection I am ready and able to do my best to help light the way for answers to your questions.

A good example of this would be a lighthouse that has dirt or dust covering the lens of the light. This smudging and dirt would make it very dim and less useful to light the way for the ships at sea that are looking toward it for guidance.

 You probably say Well, how does this help me? My life is rushed! I dont have time for all that!  You can customize a little meditation on the go. For example, if you are stuck in that rush hour traffic, nothing is moving, the guy behind you is blowing his horn, you can take out that little compact emergency meditation kit that you have stored away in your mind.

You dont need the candle flame you can visualize the candle flame because you have used it so many times before. You are already in seated position, your feet are flat on the floor not on the brake (because you put the car in park because nothing is even budging) and now breathe.  Visualize this calming light. Breathe in one, two, three, four.  Breathe out one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight in with the good energy and out with the bad.-calm. Feel the calm flow in and the frustration flow out.  With daily practice, you can re-connect in any situation.

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