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Numerology: Born on the 1st.


You are the spark, the chief of all things that follow. You’re ready and inherently assume the lead in adverse circumstances that most would dread or fear. Your energies are bold but positive; yours is a voice to be heard. You’ll never allow yourself to be a coward. You are idealistic, full of clever ideas, and have original ideas. You have your brand of courage and boldness. You are certainly gifted in the areas that appeal to you. You are sharp-minded but not always indulgent of others. You have a fine mind and are a great decision-maker.

Your Traits

  • Courage
  • Independence
  • Dynamic
  • Self – reliant
  • Strong willed
  • Daring

Your Strengths

You are highly ambitious and yearn for independence. You possess leadership abilities and a strong drive for success.  You are a pioneer at heart; you are willing to take risks to get what you desire. As such, you are willing to change your environment often, and even enjoy doing so.

You overcome most obstacles and have stamina of endurance.  You possess a sharp mind and fine analytical skills. You have excellent managerial skills. You plan well and can organize people to carry out your plan. 

Your Challenges

You get bored quite easily.  There is a tendency to only want to do things your way.  “It’s either this way or the highway!”  Give yourself some latitude and expand your horizons.  It’s very important to not always make it about you.  Becoming aware of others is crucial.  You will need to sharpen your listening skills.  Also, you will need to focus more on your moment-to-moment interactions with others, such as how they are perceiving and responding to you. 

You can be stubborn and rigid when it comes to ideas that you feel strongly about. Yet, you are a loyal and devoted friend and can be demonstrative with your affections. Conversely, you are highly competitive and can suffer from jealousy when it comes to the success of others, especially colleagues or friends. By using the determination and creativity you possess, you can achieve much success. You are not always sensible about how hard you push yourself or others.

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