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Septar-Repurposed Solar Returns Part 2


Septars are an excellent tool for forecasting relationships and careers. It has a distinctive form for timing upcoming predictions. Last time, we explained the different ages that correspond to a specific Septar. That specific Septar is a previous solar return from childhood. Please see how these Solar Returns work in part 1 of this article 

Using Harvey Weinstein as an example, currently, he is 70 years old.  That means his 11th Septar is in effect between the ages of 70-76.  His 11th solar return took place in 1962. 

Though it’s customary to run the Solar Return for the location of residency, remember, this is not traditional Astrology, so the birthplace is used. 

When we view this specific Septar, we can see the major challenges he is currently facing in California after being given 23 years of prison in the state of New York.  Each house in a Septar is activated for 7 months in a clockwise direction.  Whereas in the traditional Munich Rhythm Theory, each house clockwise is for 7 years.

First, we can give this chart the justice it deserves by giving a mini interpretation before forecasting.  Doebereiner chart interpretation is very structured.  I appreciate that as a starting point to get to the meat of the chart, especially when eyeballing the chart on the spot.  The mission in this chart is striving to assert defining and protecting secrets to prevent loss (Taurus Rising/ruler in house #12.)  This is carried out by burying deeper fabrications and exaggerations (Sun in 12th house).  The outcome, MC ruler, is the legal consequences and the removal of freedom (house #10.) 

The chart ruler, Venus, in the 12th house, intercepted will bring up feelings of abandonment, loneliness, entrapped, and grief.  This is a difficult placement for a person as it can feel like an unloving period.  There is a configuration to this planet as well where the level of restlessness and despair.  The emotional level is extremely critical, dramatic, and hysterical.

From October 22, 2022, thru May 2023, the house shifts to the ruler of the 12th house.  That means Neptune and all the aspects formed on this planet dominate the period.  This includes the square formed by Saturn.  This combination will bring a lot of hysteria as a result of more information surfacing especially from females in his past.  Learning lessons around deception.  Since the Septar Neptune is in the sign of Scorpio, lessons around power, control, and sex.

Also, during this period, the activation of Aries occurs because it is intercepted in the 12th house.

Mars/Mercury/Pluto aspects bring out buried secrets.  There may first time news revealed about Weinstein.  More abused survivors may come to the surface.  He can also get into more legal problems for other matters or locations.  This can become a turbulent war-like period for him.

Transits may be applied to that specific Septar as a timing mechanism.  The activation of the transiting Uranus and Saturn Square will be impacting the Ascendant in this Septar. Saturn is about learning lessons, law, authority figures, and sowing from past behavior. Learning lessons around sexuality, exertion of authority, liberty, expression, and domination are all in the mix.

The big game-changing transit to this chart is transiting Pluto conjunct the Midheaven.  Pluto transforms by either empowering or disempowering a person’s status when transiting through the Midheaven.  Next, we can also look at the upcoming solar eclipse at 2 Scorpio.  It will activate Saturn and all the aspects formed by it.  The sentencing he is going to receive in California seems similar to or harsher than in New York.  After this house completes activation, in May 2023-December 2023, there is a shift in house energy again.  This eclipse confirms the release of Neptune/Saturn. 

The ruler of his 11th house in the Septar is activated.  The ruler is in the 5th in the sign of Leo. This can range from being moved to a different prison location, difficult health diagnosis, and heart complications. Surely, taking this further by digging deeper into the MRT of Weinstein’s natal chart is important as well a0s using other forecasting tools.

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